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[EU] Raid Static LFM

Darkk.3018Darkk.3018 Member ✭✭
edited October 12, 2020 in Looking for Group

Hi all

Our static is recruiting

About us

We are 5 players looking to form a new static, and are carved from an older training static. Real life has meant that some players from the older static were no longer able to regularly turn up to the static and we found ourselves increasingly looking for pugs. Having played together weekly for two months now, we are all pretty comfortable with each other and enjoy playing together.

Goal of the static

We do weekly full clears of W1-4 on Mondays and are training W5-7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (currently on W6 and W7 - moving W5 after). This is subject to change once we get better, and we can then remove one of the training days.

Raid schedule

Monday: 7.15pm-9.30pm CEST
Tuesday: 9pm-12am CEST
Thursday: 9pm-12am CEST

What we are looking for

Our static has a range of experience from around 150 LI to 2,000 LI+. We are looking for dedicated players with a minimum of 150 LI with good experience of W1-4, and wanting to progress to full clearing W5-7. You don't need to be perfect (minimum req is only 150 LI), however, we are not purely a training guild anymore so would like people who are mostly comfortable with the mechanics and bosses for W1-4. There is no expectation for you to have exp with W5-7.

Players wanting to apply should also be comfortable with their class(es) and role(s). You should also care about self-improvement and be hitting a good % of the benchmark DPS. Most importantly, we don't take ourselves too seriously and enjoy good chats/banter on our raids. We are therefore looking for similar minded people.

Roles wanted

We have spots for the below roles, and being able to multi-class would be a plus.

1) BS
2) Alac
4) Pylon Kiters
5) Mirage/epi scourge

Concluding remarks

Hopefully you will have gotten an idea of us as a static and what we are looking for. If you think you will fit in with us, then please send me a message here or on discord. My discord is Darkk#0679

Thanks for reading