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I don't see any story section

Hello everyone
I was looking for pve section like


I didn't see anything for stories and living world

They should be one ?

I know there is no much to say about this part of the game but at the moment we depends on YouTube a lot when it needed and since this is the main website for the game i guess it should be clear way to find the information you need and to discuss anything about the stories with the community

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  • Iridium.6385Iridium.6385 Member ✭✭
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    I am not sure if you are talking about the forum, the website or the wiki. This here are the official forums, not the main website for the game.

    The forum has the "Lore" section to discuss lore, story, characters and anything similar. The website only gives the basic rundown on individual game aspects (as it should). And the wiki contains a lot of information on most topics, stories and living world included.

    The forums aren't as popular as they could be, but they are pretty intuitive and I haven't had any problems with discussions.

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