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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has been waiting for years impatiently for the new expansion. I farmed the hp and got the stats ready and everything. "Many players did the same no doubt" just to get hit with the biggest nerfs of them nerfs that ever happened in gw2 history Not only the new elite is a walking meme who literally dies due to his own condis plus the worst concept, but now our previous elites are garbage too some of the changes were somewhat justified but to stack nerfs like a public contact numbers book is just too much. Don't tell me to just play
  2. Shroud was always our primary defensive mechanism and our primary offensive mechanism as well who told you you can only use the shroud in your dps rotation? Even though while in shroud you can always absorb some damage because base necro doesn't have any blocks, aiges, retaliation evades or stealth.
  3. Looks like they took away the secondary health bar for one mobility skill. I was all for them to take away our death shroud for a mobility and stealth but the stealth never came. Alright let's hope we got aiges and quickness at least in exchange for a little bit of cut in our health bar
  4. Hello everyone I hope you are having good time. I wonder if it's me who can't control the golem or that thing is pretty stupid. A lot of time that thing just kept fighting like 5000 tiles away from my necro and it fks the whole fight strategy for me. For example in the volcanic fractal and molten furnace, in the shaman fight that golem would just go up the hill by itself and caused the boss to stuck until the golem dies. And in the molten furnace the golem will just keep fighting the boss even though we rotate to the next lava mark. I wish the golem got 1% buff in his
  5. Hello I asked multiple players about this issue and neither of them have this problemI cant open my trading post and I don’t know the reason can you please guide me or fix it for me
  6. This.I truly have no clue why they never done anything to balance themThe guardian is literally the best at everything except being an alac which they most likely would be one in the next expansion
  7. I find that the more skilled you become the less survivability you need such as stability and constant healing. If you use this build not to heal yourself if you are skilled enough to fight without the need of using the barriers to your favor but to keep the condis on your party in check than this build shine the most If other scourges tries to run barriers a bit more I can see it be more viable obviously not to the point where it becomes meta but you can always go back and forth in changing the treats to go back to full dps
  8. Man I've been carrying a lot of bugs with this build but people just doesn't want to give any credibility to any scourges because of the talk that says only reaper is valid in t4I'm not good cm player even if I run my reaper the result remains the same lol but in t4 this build can fix any mistakes that anyone does its not me who's undeadThe whole party became very hard to go down especially if you know whats going to happen and you time your barriers and safe them to condi cleanse the big stack of condis. I might be able to try to record but I don't promise any good quality my pc is so effed u
  9. I only play necro if I got bored with my scourge I change to power reaper if I don't want to play dps I play heal scourgeEver since I created my necro I fall in love with it pretty much
  10. Hello guys as the title says. I play full viper scourge but not with the typical 2,2,2 on scourge instead I run 1,1,2And on the courses I changed the last one so it's 2,1,3 I call this condi barriers obviously that's not my build who I invented but I couldn't find it in metabattle or snowcrownsWhich it's driving me crazy not to see it playing by other scourges. You sacrifice around 4k to 5k dps but man you are basically undead and you can carry or make the run extremely smooth. The skills you need to bring is Sand flare obviously so you can have your barriers for longer when needed or to con
  11. To all of yous who wants necro nerfs even though the necro is not even in the top tier conversations in the eyes of the good players. In behalf of all necros I would like to say we are willing and ready to lose our shroud. But we want aegis and stealth in return. And we want telepot so we can run away when things went south.
  12. Fractals is all about guardians They are the meta healersOne of the top condi dps classesOne of the top power dps They been struggling in fitting in the alac spot so it’s only fair for them to get that boon buff soon or else their new elite spec will be fully dedicated to be alac
  13. Why are you joining parties that are specifically asking that you don't? You're not teaching anyone anything by disrespecting their requests. It's ignorant and borderline griefing. Start your own party and tell people you'll teach them how good Necro can be. I'll bet it'll be real popular. Its not like i join fresh parties who’s asking specific classes just to proof a point. I join struggling parties who already have key role classes but asking for one class in particular even though I know for a fact the necro can do better job in that particular fight For example in the underwater fight or
  14. You cant be only running one build as a necro healer if you want to play in fractalsBut if you love being healer hsc is the most build I enjoy playing as a necro main. A lot of skills needed to play it at full capacity that’s what made him very exiting to play with. Again you may not need to play as hsc more often than not so if you are ok with getting kicked a lot than get a single build which is heal scourge
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