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Charged Mist rework, retain energy when invoke a legend

Background disclaimer: I mainly play group WvW and open world PvE

I think it's a good direction that we start having traits regarding energy management, but I don't like the current implementation for Charged Mist, which basically encourage you to spam skills to exhaust all the energy, and then swap the legend, and so on so forth.

Can't we stop encouraging spamming skills and smashing buttons? Why not just make it that for example, we just retain the energy if it's more than 50%, and raise to 50% when it's below 50%? I always hate the idea of swapping legends to get energy, which is also encouraging spamming skills.

The ideas behind this are:

  • Encourage saving energy for smarter play
  • Don't punish people for swapping legend early
  • More aligning with our lost Equilibrium which also encouraged saving energy

There's a lot to improve for Revenant in general, but I highly feel we shouldn't encourage spamming skills anyway. Your thoughts?


  • The plan for Rev is clearly to swap legends back and forth. Camping a legend is exactly what they are trying to avoid.

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