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LFG: NA, Active, LGBTQ-friendly

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Here's what I'm looking for in a guild:

  • Regular events (Guild Missions, dungeon runs, trivia events, social stuff, etc.) during either weekends or CST evenings
  • LGBTQ-friendly -- this means it's totally cool for me to talk about my same-sex spouse or how excited I am to go to Pride or things like Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Medium-sized: more than 3 people online at one time but doesn't have, like, a hundred people because then I'll just feel lost
  • Close-knit: people call each other by nicknames or real names and actually get to know each other and what their lives are like outside of GW2
  • A guild hall that is either fairly high level or has a lot of dedication toward growing it (and of course I'll help pitch in when I can)
  • Either active forums or an active text Discord... but not so active that you go offline for 2 hours and then come back to 300+ messages D :

Here's what I can offer:

  • I'm friendly, I say hi to people and make conversation, I really care about my guild mates
  • I've been playing since beta and I've got a lot of knowledge and experience, but I don't lord it over other people
  • I'll do pretty much everything in the game except WvW -- I'll do Fractals, sPvP, dungeons, raiding, farming, FashionWars...
  • I have HoT and PoF and all the story stuffs completed with them
  • I main a Healer Druid with magi gear and can wreck with her in Raid Wings 1, 2, and 3. I have never done Wing 4, but I am a fast learner (I also have Zerker Thief, Zerker Ele, and Condi Engi if needed)
  • I'm online several evenings during the week and lots of time on weekends
  • If it's important for your guild's age requirements, I'm in my early thirties

Please reply back to me here or send me a whisper if you think your guild might be a good fit for me. =D


  • Hi, I'm the guild leader of Aurene Wardens. We're an female/LGBT guild and frequently have conversations pertaining to such in Discord. We're level 30 and actively working to level up, stuck behind aetherium currently but everyone has been amazing about donating and made my life so easy in that regard. We've got 200+ members on our roster but since we're a casual guild and don't kick for inactivity we're rarely super busy(but there's always at least few around so you don't get lonely!). We've participated in pretty much every area in the game as a guild and different events going on throughout the week whether planned or impromptu(well, outside of WvW since we don't have a set server, but everything else). If you have any questions at all please let me know. I really think we'd be a great fit for you(as well as the guildie who spotted this message and told me I should respond to it!) so I hope you consider us.

  • Hello, our guild [HERO] has just started up recruitment. Small and new, however, it was created by a group of people that have been playing the game since launch, and we're focused on developing a close knit community. We are PvX as well, and touch on all of the items you listed, Raid, PvP, FoTM, Guild Mission. We also do WvW, but no events are mandatory. Everyone is welcome in our guild, and we want to built an establishment of friendship, where joining discord feels second nature, and everyone has a great time together.

    Being close knit is important to us, and we will keep a trim players out of the guild that don't want to eventually become friends. So, if you're interested you can send me a message in game or on the forums and I'd be happy to give you more details. Thank you.

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    Hello Jevati!

    I think I have just the guild for you! I am recruitment officer for the GW2 division of Remnants of Hope. We are very open to people of all race, religion and orientation and would love for you to check us out. We have daily events in all areas of PVE as well as PVP and RP events. We have been around since 2009 as a star wars galaxy guild. We are a community of around 500 members spread across 4 games (GW2, SWTOR, ESO and WoW). Our guild wars 2 division averages around 35 members online most evenings with as many as 100 active members daily. We are a close knit community and for this reason we do have an application and trial process (not as scary as it might sound). You can find more information on our website; www.remnantsofhope.com or check out of official recruitment post ->Here<-

  • You may be Nudie Material. Check out recruitment post on these forums see if we are what you're looking for. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/815/cd-na-sixty-nine-shades-of-nude

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