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[NA] [DS] [PvX] The Black Legend Flame [DARK]

The Black Flame Legend [DARK] is looking for people who want a friendly and social/tight knit community. We're looking for active and friendly people who want to enjoy the game while making friends. We are a very helpful crowd and enjoy helping each other, all you need to do is mention that you need help and you'll have backup in seconds. If you're new to the game, don't worry there's a place for you as well and we'll also help you when you want/need it as well and teach you the ropes of the game. The Black Flame Legend hopes to make your guild wars 2 experience more enjoyable by coming up with fun and creative ideas for the guild and it's member's to indulge in. Currently we're setting up a guild plan/schedule, in which we'll be scheduling guild missions, event chains, jumping puzzles, dungeons, fractals, open parties in-game to help promote the guild and have fun at the same time, and eventually, we are looking to get into raiding (so if there's anyone out there who is good at raiding and has the patience to teach raiding, we're hiring lol). We do have a discord, (the access key to our channel is in our message of the day) we strongly encourage our members to take advantage of it as much as possible but it isn't a requirement obviously. The only rules of using our guild chat and discord is that you don't discuss controversial topics, be respectful of everyone, we don't care if you use profanity, and that's about it regarding the guild chat and discord. As mentioned we are a PvX guild but we mostly focus on PvE content at the moment. Not much to cover in regards to that. Again, we are a friendly, active, and social bunch and we are very tight knit, so don't be shy. We have just recently obtained our guild hall (Windswept Haven) and will most likely be using the hall a lot for certain guild activities. So if you want to join a guild where you won't be just another face in the crowd, look no further. If you would like more information on the guild feel free to message myself here or in-game (I Love Root Beer.1872) via PM or mail. You may also contact Yui.3026, Tythanos.7320, or DevilishKiller.6172 if I'm not available. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!

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