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Lv 80 boost armor/trinkets upgrade problem I have

Long story short I used a poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor on a trinket to test the aura effect on my warrior I used a lv 80 boost on. But to my surprise I forgot I could not salvage these items so I cannot get my upgrade back. I also purchased a upgrade extractor as I read in the wiki it would even separate the upgrade for soulbound items. But again it did not work. So I am stuck here with the upgrade on a character I did not want and I cannot extract it to resell my poly lum refractor. Is there any way to save it? Or am I out of luck because that was a lot of gold I used :/


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    I believe your only option is to start a conversation with Support to see what they can do for you. You're not the first one to do that, so there's some solace, I hope ;).