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  1. The information on the wiki for the map bonus rewards was gathered by one of our wiki contributors, Alex. Unfortunately, the method which he used is not applicable to the HoT maps. Documenting the full list would require a tremendous amount of effort, including "[playing] through several hundred events in each HoT map" to quote him. We would love to have the full set of drops as well to help out the GW2 community, and if anyone has been able to finish, or even start, such a thing, please feel free to reach out and let us know.
  2. To follow up on what Infusion said, the wiki is a community resource and it's built by players like you. Some people edit, some people give feedback, some people fix our ever-growing code. You've got an idea, and we've got a place on the wiki for you to lay it out: Wiki Community Portal. Now ideas are always better when they come with examples, so if there's a quick mock-up or flow chart of your idea, you'll have a greater chance of buy-in and support from other editors. Feel free to create a wiki account and do your rough draft in your User space as Infusion suggested. It doesn't have to be
  3. The costs are not always the same. Take dungeon weapons for example. The 1h weapons cost 300 tokens and give you 3 weapon skillsThe off-hand weapons cost 210 tokens and give you 2 weapon skillsThe 2h weapons cost 390 tokens and give you 5 weapon skillsSo a 1h plus off-hand combo costs ~500 tokens for your 5 skills. You get ~20% discount for a 2h weapon but lose flexibility.
  4. Doing a search on the wiki shows that the only longbows which unlock two skins are the Obsidian Longbow and Mistforged Obsidian Longbow. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Special%3AAsk&q=%5B%5BHas+item+type%3A%3ALongbow%5D%5D%0D%0A&po=%3FHas+skin%0D%0A&eq=yes&p%5Bformat%5D=broadtable&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p%5Blimit%5D=500&p%5Boffset%5D=0&p%5Blink%5D=all&p%5Bsort%5D=Has+skin&p%5Bheaders%5D=show&p%5Bmainlabel%5D=&p%5Bintro%5D=&p%5Boutro%5D=&p%5Bsearchlabel%5D=...+further+results&p%5Bdefault%5D=&p%5Bclass%5D=sortable
  5. Yep! Anet made it so /wiki Shift + Click on Item, Skill, Trait, Waypoint, etc.will pass the ID to the wiki instead of the name. By sending the ID, we can better ensure you get sent to the proper page. E.g. If you were to type /wiki Slash, you would be sent to https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Slash , which may not be useful. But if you typed /wiki Shift + Click on the Skill, you'll be sent to the specific version of Slash which you had clicked on. If the wiki doesn't send you to where you should be, let one of the Wikki Krewe know and we'll get it sorted out. Just copy the ID# in the wiki's sea
  6. To clarify, the AMA on reddit is still ongoing, and will be throughout the day! I woke up before 7am my time to see how things have been, and I plan on being present for another 10 hours or so (8pm PDT). It only started on the 'early' side to ensure that the EU players had a chance to ask questions and our EU editors had a chance to respond.
  7. Reaching out to the player base in all places is important. If people feel an AMA on these forums would be helpful, then I'll pass it on to the Wikki Krewe =) .
  8. Hey folks! The Wikki Krewe is going to be hosting an AMA on the Guild Wars 2 Reddit this coming Saturday, October 12th. We will be starting at 09:00 UTC, which is 2am PDT (ArenaNet time). If you're not sure what time that is in your timezone, please look at our wiki main page announcement, which should automatically adjust the time to your browser settings. We have a diverse group of members who will be showing up throughout the day, and we'll do our best to get to the questions you may have about our community-built resource =) .
  9. A list of the voice actors in the prologue can be found here.
  10. Hey BlueIce! Adding farming locations to the interactive maps is definitely an interesting idea. It's not one we've currently implemented, and I can't speak to its feasibility, but I'd love to see it brought up for discussion on the wiki. If you would like to bring this topic up yourself, please head to our community page, click the "+" symbol at the top of the page to start a new topic, and type away! If you're more interested in simply helping us document the locations, taking screenshots and circling the locations (as seen on the spinach page), is also incredibly helpful and appreciated. =
  11. Completing the Luminescent armour. Those centaur fight achievements were probably me at my best.
  12. There are so many incredible suggestions above that I cannon limit myself to just one in future posts. That said, as per the metrics on my OP, I believe Wiki (Wikki?) Krewe wins out. Thank you all so much for your suggestions, and for bringing smiles to many of our Krewe's faces! =)
  13. Oh goodness, I wish I had posed this question ages ago. You all are amazing, thank you!
  14. I often struggle when naming our community of wiki editors (previous attempts include wikitechs and skritt), so I am turning to you, our great set of forumites, to help me out! In the future, how should I refer to our set of wiki editors when on these forums? I'll be looking at the number of "thumbs up" a suggestion gets when whittling down a final list. I've also been informed by Felix Omni.3829 that "Beverly" has already been taken.
  15. With the release of novelties on the API, the wiki community has added the ability for you to search through the toys on your account. Head to the novelty page on the wiki and choose the type you're interested in (e.g. toys or tonics). The pages are a work in progress and some of the novelties are not showing on the API at the time of this posting (e.g. the Evon Gnashblade Representation Button). Please feel free click the "Leave article feedback" button at the top of the wiki pages if you have any comments or suggestions concerning the article(s).
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