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  1. I believe that's referring to a series of scripted conversations you have with Taimi and Gorrik, starting with one after you complete Icebrood Saga Episode 5. I do not recall if you have to do the listed meta events in between each conversation or not, but more details on the list and order can be found on this Current Events page.
  2. The API says that the cloak is Level 0. This would be a problem since upgrades cannot go into an item of a lower level than the upgrade. E.g., the Medallion of the Rabid is level 65, and can only be put into an item Level 65 or higher. Giving this item a Level of 0 is rather odd, and I do not know how Anet can go about fixing this (as lower level characters may be wearing them right now).
  3. I hope you are able to find your cat soon! I do not believe there is any specific map(s) for the most recent set. I know of one person whose pet is in LA. You can keep an eye on either this Extra Life overview or in this category to see if / when someone adds the pet to the wiki, assuming you do not find it first.
  4. Hey there, @chromodynamix.2495, I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble with editing on the wiki. As has been pointed out above, content on the wiki is written and maintained by players. Customer Support will not be able to help you much with this situation. I do have some suggestions for you which you may find helpful. First, if you put something on the wiki and it gets removed, the worst choice would be to get into what we call an edit-war. No one looks good when that happens, and either that page will get protected by an admin or, in the extreme, a temporary block may be put on the responsible wiki accounts. The best choice would be to go to the respective article's talk page and explain why you believe the edit you made should stand. Another option would be to talk to the other person who's editing that page and see if the two of you can gain clarity together. Every editor has a talk page, and you can go to that page's history to see which individual may be best to approach. For this particular situation, I would suggest the article's talk page as your first go-to. The wiki works through discussion and collaboration. There's a lot of subjectiveness to a lot of things which at first may seem straightforward. We all work together to provide the best information about the game to our fellow players, and I thank you for trying to do just that. If you could bring the discussion to the talk page, it would be greatly appreciated. If you also believe that this is a bug, I'm sure Anet would love to have that sent in as a bug report, too.
  5. Historically there's been a delay between the closing of a beta and the deletion of the beta characters. In time, they'll be removed, and the name will become available again for you.
  6. The individual skin links have not been uploaded to the wiki at the time of this writing, but the names of the skins and their related achievements can be found on this page. An image of the sword skin has been uploaded, if you're wanting to see the general style of the weapon set.
  7. I suggest starting on the Mordant Inscription page. You can scroll down to see the mordant weapons you can craft, along with links to the corresponding recipes. It appears that the recipes can be purchased from the heart vendors on Path of Fire maps.
  8. I've just presumed it was Lady Camilla Einshorn. She wrote many letters to you under the pseudonym 'Your Herald', so why not deal with others using the name 'E'? She seems to know a lot about the world in her letters to you.
  9. There is so much misinformation in what you've written that I must ask you to stop making claims about something you clearly know nothing about. The wikis have been built by players for players. Thousands of volunteers have put in countless hours making a resource which other players can use. It was the players who chose for it to be the great source of information that it is today. Fifteen years ago when the first wikis for Guild Wars were being built, ArenaNet stepped up and asked the community if they could fund such a project. The offer was accepted under the condition that the players maintained control of what the wikis would grow into, not ArenaNet. And for fifteen years, for all intents and purposes, ArenaNet's written us a blank cheque to cover the costs. Now I'm going to ask you think about that. Think about it really hard. Every interaction you've had with the wikis has been crafted by the players. Do you like the infoboxes? The players wanted and designed them. Do you like the details we give about how to do a jumping puzzle? The players wanted it that way. Who pushed to have the game link directly to the wikis? Players. Who's paying to host all of these things? ArenaNet. And these costs are not insignificant; they're paying for something that they do not directly control. You insinuate that editors are doing all the work because we're being paid through the On Wiki of Gold project. It takes great skill to spit on two wonderful aspects of the wikis at the same time, but bravo, you managed to do it. The OWoG project was started by a player, Delsea, as a way to highlight pages that needed more work, and as a way to say thank you with more than just words. Other players stepped up to fund the project, because we know that sometimes heart-felt gratitude cannot be conveyed through text. The OWoG project was such a success that it was burning through the pool of funds that had been gathered. ArenaNet took notice and again asked if they could help out, and they now fund this player-driven project that lets us show our appreciation beyond using simple prose. On Wiki of Gold is a project built out of love, and I'm sorry you cannot see that. As for that second aspect you chose to spit on? We're all volunteers. The vast majority of editors don't even interact with the OWoG project. We build these wikis for the community because we want to, not because we're paid. We do it out of the kindness of our hearts. We do it as a gift for the community; no need to say thank you. If ArenaNet didn't pay the bills, then we would be building this wiki elsewhere because giving is what we love to do. The wiki, our love, and our passion, would exist whether or not ArenaNet covered the costs. Please try not to think so little of us. To speak to your other concerns: Could some items and achievements in game be a bit more clear? Sure. Do we wish the wikis were behaving properly right now? Of course. But next time you receive a gift made by thousands of volunteers over countless hours of hard work, I would ask that you refrain from spitting on it. Thank you.
  10. At the moment, from my non-technical perspective, any ETA I give would be no better than than the percents for a Windows update or the progress bar for a program's install. The automated process is doing its thing, and once it's done we'll see where we stand. As a player of the game and a user of the wiki myself, I empathise with how frustrating this situation is and how little my above words help.
  11. The wiki database is huge, and we're using parts of semantic media wiki etc., which are not fully supported anymore. The update was tested on a trial server and things looked good enough to push onto the live server. Unfortunately, as is apparent, things did not go as smoothly as we'd hoped. ArenaNet is definitely helping us out on the backend to get this fixed, and progress is trending in the right direction. We know how much of an inconvenience this is for everyone, and we'll be looking at what our options are for future updates. You have our apologies, and our gratitude for your continued patience.
  12. As has been explained to you on your IP talk page, the wiki update has caused some issues with our automation. The data is there, and it will appear soon(TM). There's no need to hard code in the information. Thank you for trying to provide information to the player base, we simply ask for your patience while the data on the wiki is restructured.
  13. Starting something new while presuming the worst in others is not the healthiest way to begin anything. There's an opportunity to grow the WvW and PvP communities, which should be a cause for celebration, not remorse. An influx of players and money would give Anet the impetus and finances to focus more on those game modes, which I am presuming you would want given that the status quo does not seem to make you happy.
  14. Capturing the guild hall is done in an instance which is accessed from the Vabbi map. A player must be on that map to access the instanced fight. Once the guild hall is captured, anyone in the guild can travel to it, regardless of the expansions they own. More details can be found in this notes section. If details are missing, please help other players by expanding it or other notes sections.
  15. I've done the DE map a few times since the update, and I've noticed no change in the amount I've gotten while prepping for the meta (usually between 1 - 4). The price went up because demand went up with the introduction of the Mordremoth variant skins. I believe the same spike happened with the intro of the Zhaitan skins.
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