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3v3 brainstorming

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I think it was asked for a while now to add 3v3. Why would it be a good idea? Well, we have small population. It is not a secret. 3v3 would require less players obviously but also would allow single player to have more impact on the match outcome which i think many of us wish.

Now, imo, 3v3 shouldn't be just deathmatch. Issue? Classes are balanced around conquest. Which leads to certain classes being too strong in deathmatch and i highly doubt Anet would be able to balance classes for 2 game modes. So, i think 3v3 should be a game mode with objective. However current maps are just too big for 3 man and it probably wouldn't make sense.

So, post your ideas here what 3v3 with objective could be like.

I am thinking one could steal bit from other games and have an escort objective for example. Why escort? It has an objective. Someone has to guard it so there is semi-pointholder role. Someone has to support the point holder in some way as well as to kill enemy team. Since objective would move on it's own (assuming "point hold" that has to escort it is next to it), "exploits" like mes portals or leaps couldn't be used to move the escort to unintended locations (see spirit watch and abuse of certain spells with the orb).

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