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[EU] GTDM - Raid Static Recruiting Players

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the Guardians of the Dark Melody (GTDM) A Team Static looks for additional players to close its ranks.

What are we looking for?
Dedicated and experienced Raiders very familiar with W1-W4 (Most players have several hundreds LI, but there is no minimum requirement!)
Players who have two out of the following: Chrono/Druid/BS/DPS. If you main DPS you have be able to play at least 1 power and 1 condi class.
Benchmarks for DPS classes are 85% of the Snowcrow Benchmarks ( https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/).
Knowledge of W5 is not required, once the team is fully assembled we will explain mechanics and explore it together with you!

What do we aim for?
To establish a working static team that can fullclear swiftly and that is eventually also able to clear Challenge Modes for the players who still miss them.

What do we offer?
Experienced Raid Leaders
Quality-checked Players (Every Static Squad Member undergoes a Benchmark Test + a class-specific questionnaire + 1 Test Full Clear)
A big and active guild community with discord server and a website (under construction; https://guardiansofthedarkmelody.enjin.com/).

If you are interested please whisper or mail me ingame:
Ayra Lightbringer.2874 or on discord: Max (Ayra/Shiva)#9139

Leader of "In the end it didn´t even [meta]", the semi-hardcore raiding guild with the most amazing name.


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