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[EU] GTDM - Raid Static Recruiting Players

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the Guardians of the Dark Melody (GTDM) A Team Static looks for additional players to close its ranks.

What are we looking for?Dedicated and experienced Raiders very familiar with W1-W4 (Most players have several hundreds LI, but there is no minimum requirement!)Players who have two out of the following: Chrono/Druid/BS/DPS. If you main DPS you have be able to play at least 1 power and 1 condi class.Benchmarks for DPS classes are 85% of the Snowcrow Benchmarks ( https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/).Knowledge of W5 is not required, once the team is fully assembled we will explain mechanics and explore it together with you!

What do we aim for?To establish a working static team that can fullclear swiftly and that is eventually also able to clear Challenge Modes for the players who still miss them.

What do we offer?Experienced Raid LeadersQuality-checked Players (Every Static Squad Member undergoes a Benchmark Test + a class-specific questionnaire + 1 Test Full Clear)A big and active guild community with discord server and a website (under construction; https://guardiansofthedarkmelody.enjin.com/).

If you are interested please whisper or mail me ingame:Ayra Lightbringer.2874 or on discord: Max (Ayra/Shiva)#9139

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