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Komodo Dragons [IX] [NA/OCE] [PvX]

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Komodo Dragons [IX] is in search of active, banter encouraging individuals who enjoy playing the game in both casual and end game level.

If you're looking for a strong community of knowledgeable players who prefer quality over quantity with a toxic memey twist then we might be a good fit, also we are most active from 6 PM to 2 AM PST.

Why should you pick us?

  • We're not a dead guild :dab: : If this isn't enough then read the reasons below.

  • Social and Active: We're active on discord every night to raid and meme around, as well as we have pretty solid core community.

  • No representation requirement: We do not require players to represent our guild, although we encourage players to be part of our community to the best of their abilities.

  • Quality over Quantity: We don't keep players in the guild who choose to never play with us and we don't accept everyone into our community.

What we expect

  • Experience if you're a Raider: We expect you to know how to play your class and the game if you want to raid with us, we do NOT offer raid training to new players/raiders.

  • Memes: We expect you to contribute to our cesspool of memes and toxicity, we want players we can click with regardless of your skill level.

  • Thick Skin: We encourage friendly banter in this community, we aren't interested in players who get easily offended or encourage drama.

  • Contribution: We value players who participate in our activities, we expect you to participate in Guild Missions when we run them as well as help the guild when you can.

  • Discord: We expect you to have discord installed as well as a decent microphone (unless you're a meme god like Buzzy).

You will generally fit in perfectly with us if

  • You are looking for a main guild and want to be a part of the cesspool.

  • You are 18+.

  • You are active on discord/guild wars 2.

  • Your skin is thicc and your brain is huge.

TLDR, we'll throw you into the pit of dragons and if you come out in one piece, you're one of us.

Guild Hall: Gilded Hollow, currently level 64.

If interested in joining hit us up by either mailing or messaging us below with the following information.

  1. Discord Username
  2. Why you want to join our guild



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