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Returning player - Scourge tanking capability

Hello, I used to play a valkyrie reaper during HoT for open world content and low level fractals because I loved feeling like a tank. I wanted to come back as a reaper but with the nerf to shroud degeneration, I was wondering how resilient a scourge (with dire stats) can get with barrier + parasitic contagion, compared to a valkyrie reaper. This comparison must exclude the use of minions because any necro build utilizing minions to tank becomes very survivable.


  • As sad as it is, you get more durability with Dire Reaper than you do with Scourge.

    Plague Signet is the only skill in the game that is worse when traited.

  • reikken.4961reikken.4961 Member ✭✭✭

    only way scourge can get tankier than reaper is if you take blood magic and healing power. like nomad's scourge is super tanky. You don't do any damage, of course, but you're very tanky!

  • Knox.8962Knox.8962 Member ✭✭✭

    Run this Ubertank Condi Necro

    You'll be nearly unkillable while still doing a ton of damage.

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