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Testimony of Heroics

So we need 10 Testimonies of Heroics to buy one scroll of Notarized Scroll of Desert Heroics. My question is, how are Testimonies of Heroics earned? Through the Crystal Desert reward track? Can we barter for them using our old Proofs of Heroics? Are they from the new skirmish chests?


  • As far as I understand it they have replace Proofs of Heroics in the skirmish chests, and in any other chest that contained Proofs of heroics. Unfortunately I got DCed from WvW before I had a chance to check.

  • You get Testimonies of Heroics from skirmish chests and everything else that used to drop proof of heroics. In my opinion you shouldn't buy Notarized Scrolls of Desert Heroics if you can spare some time to do those hero challenges on your own. HoT was a pain in the kitten, but those hero challenges are quite easy and soloable.

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