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PoF impressions are like kitten ehm kittens: everyone's got one

Here's mine.

Very minor spoilers.

I won't mention launch weekend troubles: everyone has had a fair share I'm sure (I know I have), and I'm not worried those in the IT trenches will work their magic as long as the coffee flows freely. Launch is launch: it's the law.

Other than the tech troubles, first impressions weren't that great TBH. The early zone graphics looked pretty washed out, but that was due to my preference for high contrast and lower brightness to play the darker parts of HoT, so a bit of tweaking fixed that. The initial story (which I had to do twice due to a very unlucky dc) wasn't anything special, and after that the initial zone did feel very empty compared to HoT, and as a meta junkie, I found the number of events lacking. But after a good number of hours casually mining the new content with a friend, I began to enjoy the pace of things. PoF has its own rhythm, more laid back than HoT and SW, and so far maybe less challenging. But I realize I haven't seen that much yet, and the general feel of PoF has been one of quality, thoughtful tweaking and sensible pacing of rewards. It looks and sounds gorgeous at times, I'm loving the raptor, the desert mood, the ground sharks and the other new desert mobs, even if some elites are far too easy. At this point, it just feels very fresh and very high quality, and I expect to be very happy with it in the coming months, even if I might drop back in on some HoT metas to feed my event OCD. Also, I'm feeling that future LS might shake up those vast stretches of desert instead of focusing on adding zones. We'll see

I wasn't sure I would be recommending PoF to friends, but now I will...in a week or so! ;-)

See you out there <3

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