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  1. I don't get why people would volunteer to spent their free time doing things they don't enjoy. Play a game because you like playing it, and consider the skins a nice shiny bonus, not a goal. The goal of a game is to have fun, right?
  2. I'm guessing most modern 'writers' aren't readers, especially when it comes to writing for games which is awful in 99% of games.
  3. It's second to none for alt-friendliness. But then I don't give a kitten about story in games. Just game(-play).
  4. Welcome back! Not sure if Shatterer is still done, but I'd bet it is. I'm an altoholic, but only in GW2 because of the many QoL features for alting. I played from release too and left a few times for a couple of years, each time adding another alt and leveling it without boosting to get a renewed feel for the game. A good starting point for you of course depends on your main interests: open world, fractals, PvP/WvW, crafting leggies etc.
  5. I feel my time as a GW2 customer is sufficiently respected for me to continue playing. I sincerely hope you find a game for you.
  6. Don't pretend to speak for all 'customers', you do you.
  7. More money for Anet is a win for all of us.
  8. An espresso machinegun will restore equality.
  9. Leave Taimi alone! Take Braham instead..
  10. It doesn't, use a tp to friend / party if you have 'em. Ask me if you're on EU.
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