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  1. Joko would win the meme battle, at least.
  2. The better solution is not to get obsessed with having to obtain all the mounts. I hope they'll add more hard(er) to acquire mounts in the future, so I can enjoy seeing a variety of 'em stand next to my (still best looking ; - ) griffie.
  3. Get the griffie and screw the skyscale, griffie looks better anyway. YMMV ; - )
  4. Not killing Braham the first time he opens his mouth.
  5. Today's patch did some work on fishing, let's see what happens.
  6. My two cents: you don't get three shared inv slots because it's the #1 reason to buy gems and you don't get three 80 boosters because it's a bad idea to use 'em anyway when just getting into the game.
  7. HoT: Aviator endgame. PoF: Just ONE more mount skin. EoD: Morning! Nice day for fishing ain't it! Hu ha!
  8. You got your Skyscales and Griffons confused.
  9. YMMV, but I don't consider legendaries worth the hassle. But if you want any, you can also buy a few of them on the TP. Yes, it's lots of gold, but the advantage of going that route is that you can convert just about anything you actually enjoy in-game to gold and save up for that shiny. It might take many months, but at least you can choose how you spent those months instead of doing the (IMO awful) grinding most of 'em require.
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