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black lion mount adoption license

Hi i just got 2 istani isles mount adoption license one for myself and one for my gf Mine worked find but hers wont allow her to press the adoption button she has tried everything logging out trying a different character but it just wont work any ideas ?


  • ReaverKane.7598ReaverKane.7598 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Does she have PoF?

  • anth.1842anth.1842 Member

    Yes she has Hot and Pof we have both used the mount adoption a few times and its always worked just this time she can click use but when the adoption door comes up she cant click on the adoption button

  • anth.1842anth.1842 Member

    nvm i thnk we have worked it out. it seems she has all the 15 allowed in the pack so cant get anymore so going to ask kindly for a refund :)

  • FLchick.7950FLchick.7950 Member ✭✭

    Does anybody know if we have extra of these will they update with new mount skins once new ones are released or am I SoL? I am hoping i won't have to ask for a refund and can hold on to them and use them once new "batches" of skins become available.

  • Inculpatus cedo.9234Inculpatus cedo.9234 Member ✭✭✭✭

    If you have unlocked all Mount skins from a particular license, you will be able to get a refund by contacting the CS Team.
    New Mounts skins will, almost assuredly, be released under new licenses.

    Good luck.

  • FLchick.7950FLchick.7950 Member ✭✭

    Thank you. I will submit a ticket right away.

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