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Reactional combat..

I hate classes with strict dps rotations..

I am looking for that class that offers me reactional combat...
Switch between range and mellee
Switch between support, healing, dps and controll..
Or just using them all as needed by the party and the fight..

Not just for pvp, but espescially for pve..

Is this the class?
I haven’t play Engi since before the expansions..


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    Switch between range and melee? sure it can, bomb kit and photon forge are good melee choices, grenade kit is a good ranged option: rifle is between both of them as you can poke skill1 in long range, or you can enter melee range with skill5 and then skill3
    Switch between support, healing, dps and control? zerker engi can provide a lot of dps and hard cc, if youre talking about switching builds ooc then yes, scrapper is a good healer, engi is a good condi damager, and holosmith can be either condi and power damage.
    using them all as needed by the party and the fight? not sure what do you mean with this, but if youre refering to use all them at once then not quite, sure you can build healing power and damage, but its not efficient in any apect, youre either a healer, or a dps.

    Also, Engineer is known for having one of the most difficult DPS rotations out there because you literally need to switch between 4 kits (including rifle) in between. If you dont want to play CM Fracs and Raids, then you can pretty much only use Photom forge everytime you can and abuse skill4, skill3 and autos since theyre the mayor source of damage from holosith, then just spam everything else once you get photom forge again, you'll achieve high dps, but you will be short compared to one holosmith that does his rotation the right and proper way. but yeah dont stress yourself over rotations if youre only intending to play pve up to fractals T4, just dont expect to join CMs because theyre a lot harder to deal with if you dont go for the fast kill/optimal DPS.

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