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[Suggestion] Raid Trophy Exchange

Hello Everyone,

The reason this is posted in the General Discussion sub-forum and not in the Fractals, Dungeons, and Raids sub-forum is because of the reply I got from the GM to my ticket regarding this.

My suggestion is about adding another tab to Fion [Guild Decoration Trader] which will allow us to trade decoration trophy drops from Raids for either magnetite shards (W1-4) or gaeting crystals (W5-6). Something like this.

Other options are adding it to the Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative in LA's Aerodrome instead of Guild Decoration Trader or for the exchange itself, another option is 1 silver, 5 silver or 10 silver for a trophy piece instead; though I prefer the 1:1 Trophy:Magnetite Shard/Gaeting Crystal suggestion personally.

Aside for guild hall decorations, these trophies serve as kill proofs (KPs) for raid pugging. They are good to keep when you are still new to raiding, not part of a raid or high end PVE/X guild and only relies on pugging as you would need them to present proof of you completing corresponding raid bosses (also river of W5) before. But then you'll reach a certain point that you will have no need for most them for many possible reasons. Finding a raid/high end PVE/X guild or static group that you'll do raids with later on, or you'll have enough KPs of the last raid boss of the wing (e.g. Sabetha, Xera or Dhuum) and that would be good enough to keep which means you don't need the KPs from the bosses before the last raid boss. Also, titles or legendary armour.

And about as guild hall decorations, they are not used much as pieces aside from Mursaat Overseer's Recreation Floor Fragment and Samarog's Impaled Prisoner Token as they can be used as part of the jumping puzzles players make inside their Guild Halls. Then some guilds make a Gold version Trophy Decoration to display and once they have that, they don't really need further pieces as Guild Halls have a limited number of decorations allowed and they much prefer to allocate them for JPs (SAB clouds etc.) or have fancy furnitures and other decorations around (WvW, from seasonal events)These pieces would just end up piling in inventory/storage, waiting to be destroyed or just deposited to GH and never to be seen again.

Another extra thing, maybe also the CM fractal drops ( [] of the Solid Ocean) can have an exchange similar to this. (e.g.) Fragment = 1 fractal relic, Chunk = 2 fractal relic, Block = 3 fractal relic.

What are your thoughts on this suggestion?

Thanks for reading.


  • I like that idea and fully support it. There's only so many Vale Guard fragments you actually need for that golden trophy and for kill proofs =) and being able to exchange them for magnetite shards to buy asc gear does boost their worth quite a bit.

    But what concerns me more is that huge difference in drop rates between raid bosses and world bosses. Raid bosses have a guaranteed drop of 1 to 5 pieces per kill once a week, so when your guild has at least one full squad it easily gets something between 10 and 50 pieces a week. Since golden raid boss trophies need 250 of them, they're fairly fast to be completed.

    World bosses on the other hand have a CHANCE of dropping one piece per kill. According to my observations it's about 5 to 8 kills for one piece (for example doing chak gerent once daily and getting abt. one piece per week) and they need 500! to be completed. Teq is the only one we got to gold by now bcs it's being done rather frequently, but it still took us three years. TT to name the other extreme hasn't even reached silver by now (meaning, we got less than 100 pieces in almost four years). Which is understandable, bcs when you spend abt an hour for organizing and fighting a boss (TT/Mordy) and then DON'T get what you've been working for is pretty frustrating.

    And one more thing concerning Shattie:
    "This chest shares its daily cooldown with the Dragon Chest (The Shatterer) from the event Slay the Shatterer in Blazeridge Steppes. That means you can only loot one of the two chests on the same day."
    from guildwiki --> death branded shatterer.
    The Shatterer Crystal Shard only drops from the Blazeridge one.
    No comment.

    So when there should be a tab to sell raid boss trophy parts for magnetite shards / gaeting crystals, there also should be a specific-world-boss-only currency for which you can buy their trophy parts (and maybe some other stuff like buff food or unidentified gear etc).
    That or raising the drop rate for world boss trophy parts to one! guaranteed piece per kill/day.