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[EU] [PvE] Raids-raid selling guild [IW] Intended Wipe recruiting new members!

Deeyra.1476Deeyra.1476 Member ✭✭
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Looking for players!

Greetings from IW

We are a guild who specialises in raid selling. It is a thing where you cannot afford failure in any way. We also do occasional low mans if interest is high.


-Being available most of the days from 18:00 CEST further
-Perfect knowledge on every raid boss and their CM/achievements
- Being flexible with classes
- Dps players need every class geared and reach DPS close to benchmark. +-1 or 2k.
- As a dps player you need Renegade, weaver, holo, thief, mirage, DH
- No quitting mid run without a proper reason
- No toxicity or bad attitude
- Get along with the rest of your team
- Do what you are told
- Have Discord and be ready to talk!
- This guild is not some side guild, that is why we want everyone to fully commit
We may sound elitist but the runs are always fun. Never had any complaints from any buyers, only positive feedback.

If interested:

Send a mail to Deeyra.1476 or dnik.2570

You can also contact us on discord Deeyra#9486 or dnik#0001 (if ur msg does not get sent add me/us as a friend on discord)
Include your previous high tier guilds (if any)
Send 2 recent dps report from any boss
List your classes and your prefered ones
And a rate from 1 to 10 how active you r in game (e.g 7/10 )

See you!


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