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  1. You cant ask people on the games forums for non biased opinion. Everyone that played ''seriously'' meaning raiding fractals etc. quit the game because no new content. But if you like casual stuff. is fine
  2. As long there are people that try to cut themselves off from the vast majority via requirements, these threads will never stop. Why would i want to spend 2 hours doing 1 strike missions if i can do it in fast in one shot with experienced people? I did the learning curve and now people want me my experience to cary them instead of looking up boss mehanics? Not gonna waste time if i want something done fast, I will ask for an experience group. But when i have time to help new people, i will help them out and give tips etc.
  3. Just remove autocasting. Thats the only way to AFK farm without the use of macros. Then add some actual security to the game. But there is no time for that. Must add new gemstore items!
  4. im sorry but if you cant kill a mob because someone is doing 1k dps while spamming 1 they dont deserve the loot while the rest are doing their best.There are ways to see the dps without a meter but its just tedious.An advice, how about you outdps all of them and then YOU can point out the dps hm?
  5. Thats too complex dude! Casuals wont be able to play if there is more than 2 buttons to press. which is the path this game is going down
  6. Depends on the skill. If it's something that can be set to auto cast, and doesn't require a target, then no. If it's something like auto-attack, then yes. AOE abilities you cant autocast in the utility bar. Its weird.Is it bannable? asking for a friend. its not botting thechnically and its an in game system
  7. Its so easy to fly teleport in this game its a joke. And when you try to point it out, you get a warning or get banned.i dont understand people who defend bots. You dont need special tools to notice a bot. you just need to watch him for 5 minutes or less and you will see that he is spamming a skill in a precise interval.Some people also like to farm map completion and get keys on the new maps by teleporting on Waypoints, Poi etc. 3-5 min per key isnt that bad. Allegedly
  8. Just let it go. Some people can barely kill an elite mob now imagine another player. And implementing a button to turn wpvp on and off would be too hard to implement
  9. Dont want trenchcoat on every medium skin? Guess you will have to buy 800 gems from anet! Uh-oh! :open_mouth:How convenient
  10. Perhaps instead of expanding the story, they should add stuff people actually like to do. Guidhall/guild content, new pvp /wvw maps etc. skins not locked behind a paywall (mount skins like in wow).Not like they will read this anyway.
  11. New players -> more income + more feedback-> more content If by new content you mean more store items, yeah
  12. I see. Why not ask them to give you a free legendary while you are at it. Its an mmo not a dress up game
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