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Gem Store Recurring Issue

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edited November 8, 2018 in Account & Technical Support

@ArenaNet So with this whole issue of a plethora of accounts ( Including mine and 3 out of the 5 friends that are attempting to come back to the game after a hiatus ) being unable to use ANY payment method to buy gems, has anyone found some sort of workaround aside from submitting a ticket? I submitted one 2 or 3 days ago now, and it hasn't been looked at or even touched according to the "Update" log. From what I have read, there was some huge backlog a few months ago, but was apparently supposed to have been caught up. It's just frustrating trying to buy some of these 3-day limited items, and being unable to give my money to ArenaNet...

Also, I haven't really been able to find a statement in any of the related threads about what exactly is causing the issue to begin with- it's something that occurs before the PayPal/Credit Card company is pinged, as my failed attempts to purchase Gems haven't shown up on either. I get that I'm being impatient, but when so many people seem to be having this same issue with purchasing ( and giving ANet revenue.. ) in-game content, you'd think there would be some sort of official statement on how/why it is happening and what is being done to fix the ongoing issue.

Other Info Edit:
1. Tried clearing GW2 Cache
2. Account is not new, has been around since pre-release
3. PayPal, Master Card, and VISA all tested
4. Occasionally gets the "This offer is not available" error instead of the really quick, "Unfortunately.." error.
5. Bought gems ~1 week ago, no issues whatsoever.

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