[NA] [PvE] [Core] is Recruiting. T4s, Weekend Raids/Training, Guild Missions, Discord. — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[NA] [PvE] [Core] is Recruiting. T4s, Weekend Raids/Training, Guild Missions, Discord.

Hello, [Core] is currently recruiting those interested in PvE content. We've been around for over 3 years, have many daily players, and are a friendly, solid community.
We raid weekends an hour after daily reset Fri-Sun. We also have training for people who would like to start raiding in a chill environment.
We group up for t4s every night, and are looking more more interested in t4s.
Guild Missions are twice a week.
Our guild hosts a weekly treasure hunt, where a puzzle is set up for players to solve and find the treasure and earn a reward. This is a fun activity we do within our guild hall.
We are active in discord in the evenings.
Level 66 Gilded Hollow with most buffs unlocked.
If interested, you can message or mail Cosminion.5042 in game to get an invite or talk.

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