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Automated Tournaments API

It would be fairly useful to have an API for upcoming Automated Tournaments, as well as the results for the past 10 (or any number really), similar to how we do for PvP matches.

The sort of information that ideally would be included in the upcoming ATs API:

  • Time in UTC
  • It's name (eg. Grenth's Game)
  • The rewards

And the past ATs API:

  • Who won - preferably the account names of the winning team.
  • When it was
  • It's name
  • The rewards

This is likely not small in scope, but would be a great addition.



  • This is a great idea and was already on the system team's backlog. I'm taking a look at what it would take to expose this info through the API. At this point I don't have a timeline.

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