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[LEF] fractal and cm training guild (EU)

Thecake.1809Thecake.1809 Member ✭✭
edited November 23, 2018 in Fractals, Dungeons, and Raids

Hi we are LEF, a new guild for helping players with fractals and training CMs.

We are a fractal guild, for new and experienced players, here to help learn Challenge more and gain KP and help newer people with thier journey through the Fractal tiers.

We have a discord where we will organise over and share thoughts, information or just talk. You are all welcome to join us. We also welcome experienced people who like to help out.

No representation required, as most will be planned over discord.

Message me Thecake.1809 in Game for a invite or leave a comment here. If I am not online send me a mail in Game and I will invite you as soon as possible.


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