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[EU][PVE] Raid selling guild Straight Outta Flax Farm [Flax] are recruiting!

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Straight Outta Flax Farm [Flax] is a lowman guild with focus on raid and fractal selling. We have been selling since Salvation Pass and were world's first at low manning Bastion of the Penitent and its challenge modes.


* A good understanding of all current raid encounters including challenge modes
* The motivation to progress with a positive attitude towards criticism
* Excellent knowledge of your primary classes
* Having Flax as your main guild, and contributing to the social circle

We expect our members to fill the required roles comp-wise, mechanically and encounter specific.
The flexibility of our members is a crucial part of the guild. If you can play a class, you should be happy to switch without complaint.

You must be able to commit to raiding/selling minimum twice a week. If strategies/tactics change for a particular boss you must be able to adapt.
As a member of the guild you're expected to participate, whether its LFG'ing or joining guild activities.

This is an 18+ guild. We are looking for people who want to take part, this is not just a sell LFG.
We want a relaxed atmosphere, value a good sense of humor in all applicants, and expect all members to treat each other with respect.
We also expect members to interact both in game and on our Discord server. We're a close-knit group, and wish to include future members into that.

Applicants will participate in a pre-trial consisting of doing rotation for your main classes on the training golem, where we will look at how prepared you are, the knowledge you have for low man specific builds, and your dps numbers. If applicant pass this step, a raid trial will be scheduled.

How to apply

Fill out this application form
If you have any questions, feel free to contact:
GW2: Cattastrophy.2874 | Discord: iatetheevidence#4493


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