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SCOURGE PVE - Support?


Are people happy to have Scourge in their Fractal and Raid teams (support)?



  • maxwelgm.4315maxwelgm.4315 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes, very happy, specially in pug scenarios. Scourges excel at quickly bringing back several downed players even if they downed reasonably far from the group. One good example is Sloth where people are bound to go down due to bad poison drop timing, getting off the group during a shake without dodges, etc. Scourges basically carry that fight for pugs. Same goes for Matthias.

    Even if you have a reasonably good team that doesn't go down, barrier is an invaluable asset to eat key mechanics such as VG greens if required, as well as help your team maintain scholar uptime (for the ones still using scholar, not sure about current meta), and overall provide what I personally consider to be a more relaxed experience simply out of bringing the whole team the infamous "second health bar" of necro. It goes without saying that it is also reasonably good at providing might, and all it needs to supplant most other supports is a good source of fury and perhaps some other boon to be honest.

    Going particularly into fractals, consider that barrier ignores the healing debuff from agony and you'll quickly realize how marvelously OP it can be if the team is able to play stack/unstack at the right times. I personally rather have a comfy scourge in my team during T4's even if druid has more group DPS to bring into the table, if only it makes pugging less stressful due to how easier it is to stay alive during fights.

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