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Can't log into GW2 - can't access Login-Server

I played some GW2 this morning without any issues. Now trying to get back in the game but always getting the message that I can't access the Login-Server.
The error code is: 42:0:9001:4414

Disciples of the monkey god [Apes]


  • Ok, i tried following solutions.
    1. /flushdns in Windows
    2. Resetting my router
    3. Checking with Security Essentials
    4. Reboot

    Nothing of that worked. Any other ideas? I seem to be alone with that problem. And yes, the rest of the internet is working great.

    Disciples of the monkey god [Apes]

  • You can find more trouble-shooting tips in the Knowledge Base accessed via the 'Support' link above/below.
    You can try a VPN.

    Good luck.

  • Tried most of that already. Nothing helped so far.

    Disciples of the monkey god [Apes]

  • Ok, I'm not 100% what fixed it. But latest step I tried was changing DNS servers (ipv4 and ipv6) to google dns adresses. Changing authserver with -authsrv command did not help.

    Disciples of the monkey god [Apes]

  • Back on track. It's dead again.

    Disciples of the monkey god [Apes]

  • Tiah.3091Tiah.3091 Member ✭✭✭

    I also can't log in. Well, strictly speaking, I can LOGIN, but I get disconnected after 30 seconds and receive this message:

    Yesterday everything was fine. Today I'm having these whole morning. Plx fix!

  • Have you used a program like Pingplotter to determine just where the connection issues lie?

  • Ok, after working for some time since yesterday it's there again.
    Based on tracert there seems to be an issue between my provider and Anet.

    Disciples of the monkey god [Apes]

  • Hi,I have a same issues! I can log in,but after I can't step in the world and a get a message after 30 sec.

  • I also can eventually login, but after trying to enter the world, I get the ":your screwed" message, lol

  • I am having the same issue now. Played all day yesterday never an issue, but today, I get that message. first time its ever happened with me

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