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Firebrand PvE Only Change


With the Chrono nerf and everything still up in the air and FB + Rev Combo getting talked about a whole lot more often I was thinking about a change to the Quickfire Trait of Firebrand that would only affect PvE in order to avoid any further buffing of FB in PvP and WvW where FB are already considered strong.
Just so its clear.
This is a PVE ONLY change.
Currently the Grandmaster traits on FB are sorely lacking when it comes to support options.

Stoic Demeanour - Inflict slow on foes you disable or immobilize
Basically does nothing for a support class.

Quickfire - Granting Quickness to an ally also grants Ashes of the Just
While you apply a lot of quickness your condi damage is abysmal so this trait is quite bad in terms of improving damage output

Loremaster - Tome skills gain reduced recharge. Retain Virtues passives while they are on cooldown
As far as I know this is the trait most (if not all) FB builds take as its simple the most useful.

What I'd like to suggest is a change to Quickfire that would make FB more competitive as a support option when it comes to groups that use condition classes.
Quickfire : Granting Quickness to an ally also grants Ashes of the Just
Mantras now hit 10 targets.
Ashes of the Just uses the affected player condition damage.

I feel like this would allow a FB / Rev combo to outperform Chrono / Druid on bosses that heavily favour condition damage as they get extra burning damage from the support Firebrand that is pumping out quickness as well as the Signet of Wrath + Perfect Inscriptions that will boost players condition damage by 216.

Do you feel a change to Quickfire would give Support FB an edge?
Is there any negative affects a change like this would incur?


  • Swiftwynd.1685Swiftwynd.1685 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 16, 2018

    With a name like Quickfire, I'd rather see:

    "Quickness you apply is improved by your Burning duration. Your Mantras now effect more allies. Apply Lesser Ashes of the Just each time you grant Quickness."

    I'd love to see the gain "Apply Resistance 3s" in addition to its current effects.

    This would: Allow for 10 man Quickness, Aegis, Stability, Resistance. It also would open up interesting "hybrid builds" for burning dps while providing quickness, and would remove the annoying Ashes of the just internal cool down by just making it apply a slightly weaker version.

  • DiogoSilva.7089DiogoSilva.7089 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 16, 2018

    To be honest, each trait seems to serve a specific role: CC, condi damage and support/ general power.

    It's clear to me that Lore Master is meant to be the support trait out of the three, not all of them.

  • @DiogoSilva.7089 I know that not all of them are meant to be Support traits, but Quickfire as a Support is kinda bad. Its only a little extra damage and because its scales of your Condition Damage (in raids anyway) doesn't added a lot. Its like an extra ~360 Burn. You're generally better off with Loremaster as you have a lot of pulsing hits if you use Mace / Shield + Staff. Also consider that if you take Battle Presence that Loremaster will make you Virtue have 100% uptime as it continues ticking even after you've used a tome. There is little reason to use Quickfire over Loremaster.

    @Swiftwynd.1685 said:>
    "Quickness you apply is improved by your Burning duration. Your Mantras now effect more allies. Apply Lesser Ashes of the Just each time you grant Quickness."

    If they could change it to the I think it would be really cool. Would improve QuickBrand as you wouldn't have to worry about stacking Boon Duration but you'd still need to go Boon Duration if you went with full support. Would allow Quickfire and Loremaster to compete in the Support role depending on the build and situation.

    Not sure about the 3 seconds of resistance tho. You already have access to pulsing resistance via Tome and I think that putting 3s on a Mantra would make the boon very easy to abuse vs bosses that use a lot of Condis (Matthius / Sloth) in addition to also removing them. Considering that its 6s with 100% BD and would be easy to increase via SoI from Chronos. Tho it would be an interesting change if it was instead of removing them, but I feel like removing condis is better then just suppressing them.

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