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  1. What do people think of the elite's new animation? IMO, it's one of the best animations this game has, and it's only unfortunate that it's tied to a skill that may not see much use outside of healing builds.
  2. Good to see that Anet is doubling down on communication, instead of overreacting and going full silent-mode (which would only make things worse). The general design balance philosophy for this game actually seems solid in theory to me, it's just that a player won't know what that vision is unless they read the leaked chat and track a dev's comments on reddit. And even then, they only get a fragmentary view of Anet's way of thinking. So I'm also glad for a blog post that directly addresses that in the future. My biggest issue with the next patch is not the balance vision, but its exec
  3. The musical theme is tacked on, but Virtuoso is essentially/ 99% a psychic bladedancer, with the word "song" thrown in for no apparent reason. And finding that theme "garbage" is completely subjective. I personally love it, even if I feel it could have been further developed.
  4. Ah yes, Willbender, the copy-pasted sw/sw revenant/daredevil spec with placeholder icons, is a wonderfully designed and totally not rushed spec. And who can forget the Catalyst, that slaps a generic combo field generator in the F5 slot and calls it a day? That is peak quality design, right? Where the most unique mechanic it has to offer is tied with the new weapon, and it doesn't even fits in properly. Or, maybe, we should talk about Vindicator, the greatsword rev spec where half of its new weapon skills recycle the auto-attack basic slash animation, and are generally so generic that they feel
  5. Virtuoso has a lot of problems, but it still has an interesting theme and playstyle and visual effects behind it, which is more than what can be said about half of the rushed elite specs this expansion has to offer.
  6. But it's not a binary situation. There's bound to exist more solutions that are more elegant and clear than doubling down on mistakes. Maybe Virtuoso should never have had condition traits in the first place. Or maybe condition traits should be significantly stronger to make up for the loss of condition clones.
  7. Changing sword 3 without "special fanfare" was/is a terrible idea, and it definitely should not be doubled down by making more obscure, hidden changes like that. Good game design has its game rules as standardized as possible, and any exceptions to those rules as clearly communicated as possible. The more obscure, hidden, "seemingly arbitrary" exceptions there are, the messier a game becomes, which creates a bigger barrier of entry. I'm actually shocked that the new sword 3 change wasn't applied to the core class, and I attribute that more to how rushed everything regarding skill &am
  8. Fun fact: the Virtuoso NPC is dual-wielding daggers.
  9. Revenant Vindicator can always pick Mallyx legend, but I'm unsure if that would be a good idea for a power build.
  10. I wouldn't blame any single individual dev. It seems like Anet's skill & balance team is under-staffed and has lost key developers in the last year. Many of the changes between beta 1-3 and 4 were genuinely good across all classes. It's just that they were too few and/or balance patches take way too long to come in. Another big wave of changes were expected during EoD's launch, and it's shocking that almost nothing has changed and plenty of bugs and tooltip mistakes remain just as they were during beta. The amount of filler traits, filler skills and recycled assets also gives the
  11. The old specs needed to be nerfed. But the new ones do feel rushed and unpolished. I'm actually shocked we haven't seen a large change list between beta 4 and release. You can tell how Anet is having some difficulties with development just based on this.
  12. Virtuoso is pretty much a simpler, more streamlined chrono for open world burst. Check my thread about phantasmal blades. Chrono will probably be relegated to zerg boon support now.
  13. I used to be a guardian main, before having switched to mesmer. Virtuoso is a solid spec, despite its many shortcomings. It feels incomplete, rushed, unpolished, but there's still something that seems to work well beneath all that. Willbender is a failure, from concept ("here's a dual-wielding sword spec that fights barehanded!") to execution (not much gameplay depth, seems like a shallow copy-paste of pvp shiro heralds) to budget (copy-pasted icons, copy-pasted animations, copy-pasted mechanics, lack of truly interesting visual effects).
  14. Less new stat combos for gear, no sight of new upgrades so far, rushed elite specs with recycled assets. I wonder how many Anet's staff members are still working on GW2 vs. on their new action game.
  15. The fact that Virtuoso's unique sword #3 is still undocumented, or that has it not been applied across the entire class for the sake of uniformity, and the fact that Anet forgot to add the new blade tooltip functionality to Mesmer's swords, shows just how sloppy the company's development is. Same for other elite specs. Many still have the same buggy/incorrect tooltips from beta days. Even some ugly, copy-pasted skill icons that I and many people were expecting to just be placeholders are still there. Fascinating.
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