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[EU][SUN] recruiting casual, social and mature players

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Why praise Joko, when you can praise the [SUN]? Time to regroup and prepare for next season! We are looking for new blood - social, active and mature! People who understand that fun takes priority above else.


We are casual, PvE focused guild. There are no requirements for you level, skill, gear, or build. Guild wars 2 is meant to be "play how you want" kind of game. We aim to keep that idea for guild as well.
If you prefer smaller guild, this is one. Quantity over quality is the goal.
New player friendly. If you are new to the game or returning player without much experience, we will gladly help you on your adventure.


Every proper guild needs group activities to bring members together for some fun! Various events are scheduled to give everyone little something extra to do aside from your regular everyday activities in game. Every member is free to host their own events, if they wish to do so.


To keep guild small, friendly and familiar place, we strive for quality over quantity. Slots are limited and that means, people who never interact with the guild and are just a number in roster are taking a spot that someone else would be happy to fill, therefore they will be removed from the guild. People who need to take a break for whatever reason or can't log in for longer period of time, may receive appropriate rank and won't be kicked for guild.


Discord is important tool and a requirement for joining and staying in the guild, since it helps with organization and makes keeping up with guilds news a lot easier for everyone. You can find all information about the guild and planned events there. Voice chat is optional.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please visit our Discord at https://discord.gg/Mmj7PXx


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