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SUN is looking for active players who enjoy cooping and interacting with guild. If you are a passive member who joins a guild to be a number in roster and never actually takes time to do anything with guild, then turn back, you are in the wrong place.

We are mostly focused on PvE, but we won't turn down those who enjoy some PvP or WvW as long as it's not your main focus. We encourage all members to group together, help each other out, join for regular activities like dungeons/fractals, meta events, map exploration, gathering runs and more. Along with that, we also throw some more unique guild events in there, to spice it up and provide members something different from what they do everyday in game.

We are open to players with any level or skill, new player or veteran, casual or hardcore. We will gladly help new players learn the game and answer any questions they might have.


  • casual, yet organized with quality roster place to call home
  • drama free, religion free, politics free environment
  • Discord as main source of information about guild and upcoming events
  • new player friendly
  • custom guild made events
  • option for loyal and dedicated members to advance ranks up to officer status for those interested
  • guild hall (Lost Precipice - currently lvl 27)


  • Be friendly and respectful to your fellow guildmates and outside the guild. SUN members are not aggressive and confrontational type and do not look for trouble.
  • Be active and interact with guild. Don't be that passive member who joins and fills up a slot and then proceeds to play the game solo. If you join the guild, we assume you want be a part of a group and play with that group. All members have to do their part to make the guild something they can call home. Members can chat in game, on Discord, join guild activities, help each other out and group up for every day in game activities like dungeons for example.
  • No rushing and exploiting content. Guild runs are complete runs. We don't rush, skip, exploit, but take our time and enjoy time that we spend together. If you are farming let's say fractals, you are free to do so with your own group. You can invite guild members into that group, but please notify them it's a speedrun beforehand.
  • Have Discord installed and be ready to use it. That means, check discord regularly to see what is happening with guild and if there are any upcoming events that might interest you.
    Voice chat is not required, but we expect you to be responsive in text chat.

  • We want active and lively guild. That means we want players to log regularly. In case you can't log in for more than two weeks, notify us on Discord and you will be given away status.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please visit our Discord at https://discord.gg/Mmj7PXx


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