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[EU][SUN] Sunlight Legion is recruiting!

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Sunlight Legion

Sunlight Legion is looking for all able and brave souls, who are looking for company in their adventures. Your experience, gear and fighting style is not important to us. We ask only three things from every member:

  • Join our Discord channel where you can socialize and keep yourself up to date about what's happening within the guild. Voice chat is optional.
  • Interact with the guild. Obviously, no one will expect you to join every activity or to be online every day, but joining a guild just to be a number in the roster and not interacting with guild is not going to last long. As a small guild, that tries to keep friendly and cozy atmosphere, we have to filter those out who show no interest or care for guild at all, so we can make space for new members who potentially might enjoy our company. I believe that is understandable.
  • Don't be an elitist kitten.

18+ only!

Interested in joining or have questions? Find us on Discord - https://discord.gg/Mmj7PXx