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[Music Video][DRMS] Fighting Dreamers - Flow, Kiba Covers

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"Normally, I'm asked what does our guild's name Sognatori Di Tramonoto mean? It basically means Sunset Dreamers. I played pass sunset to help our OCN and SEA guildies. 10 years ago, I was experiencing one of the roughest moments in my life. However, one inspirational song by Flow kept playing in my mind. That actually made me feel better, it was a song about dreams and accepting others no matter how different they are. The idea of sunset dreams immediately popped into my mind. I wanted dreams [DRMS] to be an international guild, so I purposefully made the name not in English. [DRMS] is an accepting guild that is made up of those that speak a variety of languages and ethic backgrounds. The central theme of [DRMS] can be found in this song, not having to be normal, accepting others, getting lost and finding our own way out lol, and more. I am truly thankful for the experiences and helped I received, [DRMS] would not be alive today if it was not for each of our dreamers (guildies)." - Reapex


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