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Istan Meta Chest Changes

edited January 21, 2019 in News and Announcements

Our goal is for content like the Istan Metas to be a part of your daily play-cycle, without it becoming your entire play-cycle. In the next content build, we will be making some adjustments to the chests associated with the Palawadan and Mordant Crescent Great Hall metas in the Domain of Istan. An account daily limit will be applied to these chests, allowing for the opening of a maximum of 30 chests in Palawadan and 12 chests in the Great Hall per day per account. The base gear rewards have been increased, as well, so players playing through each meta once will see an increase to their rewards, but repeated runs will be less lucrative.

Note: This is being posted in English now, and we’ll follow with French, German, and Spanish as soon as we have this message localized.

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