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Some of our guild hall decorations

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As chief decorator of our guild, I have been having a blast with what you can do. I wanted to share some our decorations here. It is my philosophy that my job is to facilitate and encourage members to explore the guild hall. So I prefer to enhance rather than overwhelm what is already there. And, since our guild has the gilded hollow hall, which is very vertical, making access to all parts of the hall from the bottom to the top is a priority. So I try to have visually interesting areas that give members easy access into all levels of the hall. (these videos look best at highest resolutions)

The central courts are reserved for holiday and seasonal decorations. At the moment they are decorated for the lunar festival.

One of the first paths to the top reaches of the guild hall was a jumping puzzle. Since it is no longer used, we removed the top portion and it now leads to a space in the middle level of the hall that is sacred to the six gods

A ramp from super adventure box decorations was, until transporters, the easiest way to the top of the hall with access to mid levels.

A series of transporters now leads to several vignettes loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass; beginning with the Mad Hatter's tea party. It allows quick access to many areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The snow mound "clouds" above the first stop are literally the highest spot you can put decorations. They also provide "cloud cover" to help cut the bloom that Gilded Hollow tends to have on some items like the super adventure rock platforms.

Using the oakheart reach/portal jump will take you to some sail ships courtesy of the festival of the winds. The jump is easiest with mesmer portals but can also be done with watchwork teleportation devices.

Of course, the newest edition is the beetle race track pieces. Gilded Hollow is a tough hall for this as it has less open space than the other two halls. We did not want to put it at the top and the middle levels provided too many obstacles. So we chose to put it at water level. It has had the added bonus of encouraging members to explore the lowest level of the map and some use it as a relaxing walking path.

Just a nice spot, one of the earliest constructions in the hall was the guild shrine at the upper level.

And on the main level we have the formal gardens and the library, if you just want to relax and read a book.

Just added a snowball fight arena. Furballs (Red) vs No Fun At Parties (Green).

Thanks, ANet, for providing literally hours of fun.

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