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Show me your best cosplays

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Hello guys, I just posted a big list of cosplays on reddit
I know that my list is missing some cosplays, and my plan is to expand this list and after that post a really big list containing all possible ones to date here and on reddit so everyone can take part of it! What i would want from you guys is to show me your best cosplays and then i will contact people about being in the list (If you are put on the list your name/link to gw2style or something else will be written to the right of your cosplay). Some guidelines before you start posting though!

  • Dont Post any cosplay that is already on my list (unless you think your version is better of course).
  • Have your cosplay on the left and the original on the right or below in your picture (as I've done on the list i linked above).
  • Post with as high graphicsettings as possible for a clearer picture.
  • Some cosplays I've seen are outdated and new armour exists that can look better (atleast consider this) ^^.

Show me what you got! :D


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