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[EU] [Raid] Looking for guild/community/static.


I am looking for people with whom I can go raids. I am kinda bored playing with pugs - I like to talk so Discord is required to me.

About me (300LI, 40LD):
W1-W4 , skilled and experienced with mostly all the roles,
W5 , cdps experience, few Dhuum's KPs,
W6 , none,
W7 , title, skilled.

I am looking for people to clear wings with which I am familiar and practice those which I do not know yet.

I play mostly as:
Support - chronotank/off-chrono, druid, Alacrigade
DPS: pSLB, pHolo, DH, pChrono, cRenegade

If you would like to have me in your guild/community/static, please contact me here or via Discord: Etrako#4292

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