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API data does not match the in-game info

Mighty Cole.7849Mighty Cole.7849 Member ✭✭✭
edited July 30, 2019 in API Development

When I look over the JSON data from https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/wvw/matches/1-2 all of the data (I.e. Victory Points, War Score, etc) matches the current in-game information with the exception of Kills and Deaths. Is there a problem with the API or is there something that I'm not taking in to account? The screen shot below illustrates the difference in values.

For Example, the in-game World vs. World Match Overview panel, under the Kill/Death (Total) tab, lists Fort Aspenwood at 22,830 kills with 19,030 deaths. However, when I ran the link above, the API listed Fort Aspenwood at 21,297 kills with 19,648 deaths.