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5e D&D Races and Classes for Guild Wars, Questions

Hey, I was curious if anyone has created or designed classes or professions for D&D 5e that fit better in with the Guild Wars universe than the existing classes and races. I have been working for a few months researching taking notes, but I was curious if this has already been done. If not I might create another post to share what little I have made so far. I wasn't sure if this would be the correct place to ask this question, but I figured if anywhere it would be here.


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    Alright, I guess go ahead and close this discussion. It doesn't appear that anyone knows or is interested.

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    https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Sylvari_(5e_Race) (there is a lot more GW stuff here, but it isn't categorized as such so you have to know what you're looking for)

    there is no singular large source of tyrian home-brew for 5e, however 5e was designed to be easily home-brewed, so there is nothing stopping you from creating this, or getting a group of people to create and play-test this.

    Edit: This person seems to have done a lot of work on tyria themed homebrew content https://asmeauhomebrews.tumblr.com/

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    Yeah, I had made 6 races for people to play as (Charr, Tengu, Human, Norn, Asura, and Golem) I kept to just these because our timeline was closer to GW 1 than GW2. But that's as far as I got. I was working on classes, but I couldn't find the right place to start. I had 14 classes I wanted to design between the 2 games and the spells within 5e didn't seem to necessarily fit the feel of Guild Wars. This, mixed with the struggle of figuring out the place of Guild Wars characters in the exploration and interaction pillars was difficult, because Guild Wars was pretty much entirely about combat. I think that I have decided to set that task to the side for now and just DM some regular 5e for my friends and maybe dabble in my spare time. I'll have to check into those sources whenever I get back into looking at homebrewing again.

  • MMO skills won't work well in DnD, fitting GW2 content in needs to come with that understanding, that this is DnD with GW, not GW with DnD. Their may be other tabletop games that fit gw better, but I'm unaware of what these could be.

    It would be easier to take pre-existing classes, and convert them into a gw inspired class. The biggest thing would be separating cantrips from spells, and for more melee specific classes they'd be stripped to a more barebones level unless you're going to make them casters as well.

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    I understand all of that, my comment was geared towards the idea that since Guild Wars was a MMO, and all things revolved around combat, what other things do the other classes do that could explain the way they explore and interact. For example, I was working on Dervish and was realizing that the dervish, being a wandering mystic, might have similar exploration style to maybe a ranger or perhaps a druid. But as I started going through the spell list and seeing spells that protect from Fey and celestial and feinds and creating portals to the astral plane and such I realized that I would need to go through all of the spells and give them a once over to see how they work in guild wars.