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My Profession builds.

I like to plan my characters ahead sometime if I have a somthing like this build editor. I do plan on trying all the classes and made this builds. I decided to just lay them all here so I have to just look in one places. I'm mostly a DPS but I did make at least one a bit more different. I read up on the skills of the classes then choose a spec that helps those skills then go from there. I'm mostly doing PvE stuff but might do some WvW when I feel like I'm getting hang of the class.

[Engineer] What I like the most is the kit so I went with the choosing the explosives tarts then got the firearms that have trits that work with the bleeds I can make with my explosives. Then I when holosmith and went with the explosive and burning traits. For gare, I think viper and grieving work good with him.

Reaper([Minnion] and [Full DPS] At first it was for the minors so I went into Death magic to make me tough with my minors while using my Reaper and Spit for damages. I would mostly do this when I'm alone where tougher enemies are. but then I went into a full DPS with my shroud with soul reaping. Went with Marauder and Bersker for damages and vitality.

[Warrior] I don't see much about this class that so interested so I went with banners for groups and signets for myself. discipline seem to focus on burst so I also went with berserker to boost that.

[Guardian] This one I had a bit of trouble with as I was trying to make a guardian that keeps on attacking but does great healing. So any tips on how to make a DPS/healer build then I'm all ears.

[Deadeye] I mostly focus on a full gun build with the deadeye and critical strick with shadow art to help me stay alive.

[Mesmer] Decided to go with the whole clone and illusionist then with the shatter ability. I like the idead of having an army of me attacking enemies then shattering them.

[Weaver] What I wanted to do is make a red mage, a jack of all trades master of zero things since the class can swipe between elements. I like it as it reminds me of the shaman class of WOW and the weaver help me become more like one.

[Soulbeast] Here I wanted to do somthing with the whole pet thing it has. So I went with soulbeast and beastmaster. I didn't know what gare to go with so I put down three different types in weapons, armor, and accessories.

[Revenant] For the revenant, the two skills that insisted me was the demon and assassin ones so I took the two specs and went with invocation but think about switching to renegad.

That all of them. So take a look at them and tell me if you think I need to make some changes to any of them. Also for some reason, the link doesn't work with just clicking on them so you'll need to past them on the URL bar.


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