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action cam + customise window = can't do anything

How to be unable to interact with anything in gw2, forcing you to ctrl + alt + del into task manager:

Step 1: Activate action camera
Step 2: Get a piece of gear from the inventory or hero ui window and customise it's stats
Step 3: Press on the search bar in the customise stats window, type in it for good measure
Step 4: Press esc (requires esc to close ui windows option on)
And now you can only look at the world around you and the customise window

In this state, the esc key closes the inventory window or hero window from which you selected the item to customise - but the customise window does not prevent action camera from reactivating, meaning you can now look around with your mouse pointer.... and that's all. Press any button and the game will attempt to write in the search bar - you can't esc to close the window, and with no way to open any UI windows (as it will try to type in the search bar instead), the only option is to ctrl/alt/del task manager close gw2 and restart.

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  • A hilarious by product of lack of care for Action Cam users, among the many WvW and PvP dynamic popup windows stealing the cursor in fights, this one probably takes the cake.
    An easy fix on this one for those of us in FS Windowed with or without multiple monitors, a quick tap of the windows or super key can see you clicking the cancel button without exiting the game.
    But honestly, this having still not been fixed is somewhat debilitatingly hilarious...
    Either fix the Action cam issues that have been reported or remove action cam so I can go back to using the AHK script I wrote which doesn't have any game breaking bugs.