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  1. Hey, this still isn't working for me. I have done cosmic observatory strike just now (this is the third time this week; but the previous 2 times both happened during it being bugged where it counted as claimed but was not completed) and it didn't count the progress at all. Do i perhaps need to wait until certain dialogue etc. happens? I only waited until i got the chests. Edit: Yes, it turns out you need to wait a bit after the strike ends, you get the chests, then wait some more and it'll count.
  2. In the Wizard Vault Rewards, there is a purchase limit of 16 on the sanctified weapon skin box - logical since there are 16 weapons. Except, there is nothing to prevent acquiring duplicate skins except reading the locked/unlocked text on the tooltips. If you should accidentally select a duplicate, due to the purchase limit, you can no longer acquire all the skins (as such, I cannot obtain the last skin I want from this set). Really the solution should be in prevention of selecting a duplicate skin.
  3. These are all really good! The one thing i think we still need after this is druid will still massive CA generation issues. Is there any plans to address this?
  4. I agree, the fact it gets worse when your team gets better really sucks (less CA gen). Natural mender buff is not even close to accounting for the loss of spirits, and mind that not everywhere has consistent damage sources you can heal (for example the raid encounter where druid's kit shines brightest, qtp), also in strikes/raids/really any group content another healer existing in the group can have serious consequences for your ability to generate CA (depending on the healer + group + content). I also noticed that putting might on CA 4/5 was not enough to account for the lost might from gotl either, also no more might on frost spirit. Now CA generation NEEDS to be present because you have very little allowance to delay CA skills - also, if say, anything delays CA gen - like a boss going invuln and taking away your ability to do damage + the group's ability to take damage, you drop alac. Also if a mechanic delays your ability to enter CA, alac's going to drop. Overall, i feel like these changes are a massive drop in useability for druid, its flexibility has taken a massive drive, and while new spirits are...useful, on occasion, they are definitely not worth this.
  5. Re: Virtuoso Graphics The utility skill "Rain of Swords" (an aoe in the air that creates a "rain cloud" of swords) seems to slow my fps down significantly. For reference, I run this game on absolute lowest settings possible and have an average of 40-50 fps, this can go down a bit when intense stuff happens, but the rain of swords takes me down to 15~ fps. Psychic Force and Sword of Decimation make me go down about 10 frames when using them, bad but not the worst. Frankly, i'm not sure i'd be able to play the game with multiple virtuoso's skill effects on my screen. The other skills across all the specs don't cause issues for me.
  6. 100% Agree, private is basically impossible to LFG/pug for, if you don't know ahead of time that EVERY single player in the squad can read and will follow instructions you will fail. I think if required number of platforms cleared, and whatever system sorts people, was changed it'd be fine. Maybe try to assign 3 people to each platform and have a minimum of 2 people per platform (aka anyone left to solo is put on another platform instead), if there's no one on a platform make it not be required for completion. OR, once a platform is cleared, allow people to move to other platforms. though this solution is not as much in the spirit of the event, but it would alleviate problems.
  7. Risen Dominators (an enemy found only in the arah dungeon) - dominators seem to be sadly a casualty of early game design, where lots of "trash" enemies weren't really given much indication for their attacks, dominators are IMO the most dangerous enemies in all of arah (even more annoying than alphard) since they can basically OHKO you with literally no indication before it happens, so you can just die outta nowhere and sometimes you can die before that stage to their ring, though the ring is just an inconvenience compared to that counter. Though i suppose cheap isn't really hard? As for hardest thing which was designed after they realised trash mobs need visual indicators too, hard to say. Probably tanking on soulless horror (tanking specifically), positioning wise SH isn't difficult, but avoiding dying to her attacks while tanking /is/.
  8. The shots won't auto correct to the target on this event, yes, so you need to factor in projectile speed when you take a shot. For me, i always look in one direction only and shoot the balloons that come from that one direction, usually focusing on a specific balloon that i know where i should shoot to hit it.
  9. I think the closest thing in concept to a vampire - as far as "cursed human" goes, is probably joko's awakened - they don't drink blood, and aren't immortal creatures of the night, but they are undead who seem to have atypical survival needs - as such as the awakened servants who we give tar soaked bandages to, and the whole tar everywhere thing. There's no real proof of it being required for them to live afaik though, and obviously they don't take from other humanoids which is a key part of the vampire appeal IMO. As for werewolves there isn't anythign conceptually similar at all, i think.
  10. i use 2 mounts mainly and i'd say its kinda 65/35 in favour of skyscale, the other main mount being the jackal whenever I don't need the height
  11. I like chairs for the same reason i treasure the quaggan tonic...pointless fun. Also, asura look kinda like theyre planning someones murder when sitting on them (which is probably correct, considering its an asura) which is a great reason to sit IMO.
  12. In a discussion about the easiest builds, i would not expect people to achieve that last 25% whether it's power daredevil or condi holo, and getting the first 75% on cfb is very easy. Like i said, you can literally press skills off of cooldown, heck don't even swap to sceptre outside of the opener if you aren't confident, counting autos does not matter on any class to get acceptable dps and it's not like your dps is bad if you don't either. My favourite thing ive ever seen someone say about condi fb rotation is "it FEELS like mashing skills off of cooldown, even though it isn't", which i guess between that and cfb being brokenly overpowered = very average condi firebrands perform excellently with no real rotational knowledge aside "tome 1 4/5 as much as you can" and "torch 4 as much as you can". Ofc, you will be outperformed by people who are counting autos and paying close attention to aftercasts...pretty much reguardless of build. I think power weaver definitely has an easier rotation, but is harder to play on actual bosses. Between having very little defence (defined as blocks, invulns, stun break, cleanses), being super weak to retal (aka, requires more knowledge of skills) on a small handful of encounters, and its low health pool giving less room to make mistakes for another small handful of mechanics (since health pool only matters for mechanics that won't kill you if failed), compared to cfb which has every imaginable form of active defense as a dps build and having...nowhere really where being a cfb makes life harder (compared to a small handful where being a weaver is hard mode - which while isn't a majority by any means - is more than 0).
  13. i have definitley experinced one moment where i thought "a black tag would be ideal for this", some map terrain colours have very few options for tags that stick out and when those colour/s are already taken by some other commander you have to take the one no one can see xD
  14. Raids: heal druid is at the core of most every composition and usually the preferred secondary healer on boon theif bosses, next most requent would be banner berserker (power & condi both), then boon chrono, and then condi quickbrand / diviner renegade. (power quickbrand is NOT useable in raids). Fractals: power quickbrand for skilled groups, heal firebrand for pugging t4s, diviner renegade, power banner berserker. after the non-generic dps slots are taken care of every other slot would be a dps, and TBH, you can be any dps u like in raids (only divided by broad division of power / condi / mirage-condi), for fractals stick to any power dps and u will be gucci.meta dps raids: power dragonhunter, condition firebrand, condi renegade, condi mirage, and a few sprinklings of power chrono and power daredevil. meta for raids is VERY specific per encounter, and if you're not using speedrunning strats and therefore have dedicated quickness supports, then i believe power chrono/holosmith would be more generic "meta" dps.meta dps fractals: power weaver, soulbeast is meta, with dragonhunter especially and then literally every other power dps build except for chrono being acceptable, and condi firebrand is also acceptable dps in non-speedclear groups (cfb is special because of how the burning condition works).
  15. effects in the world would be eye cancer, considering for the content I play at least, in the average raid i want to see around 7 boons kept up near constantly, and others more intermittently. that said, i personally haven't had any issues tracking the boons that are relevant to me as a primarily boon support player, but i know exactly what to look for, i can understand how for others it may be difficult though. boons do have duration cues- the white edge around their boon icon, though from the sounds of it seems like this is hard to see. i wouldn't be opposed to different coloured icons, but colour has a theme in gw2. previously, alacrity gave a purple effect to players because only mesmer could provide it, but then when renegade started providing alacrity it was turned white. same goes for barrier, which at the start of its existence only scourges could produce, but it was turned into a white effect later after barrier was implemented in more places to reflect that it wasn't a scourge only effect- and colour is pretty important, infact, i really struggle to play more than 1 class in ffxiv because of the lack of colour theme between them has a subtle effect that leaves me confused when i switch classes. i wonder how they colour colour boons in a way that keeps with the rest of gw2: so far, most information the game throws at you can be understood by colour before anything else.
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