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Looking to change my builld PVE

Im having issues making a build for my Ranger so any help would be great
I love soulbeast
Weapons id like to use - Longbow and Sword Warhorn but im willing to switch weapons
the one pet i really want to keep is the smokescale
Any advice would be Awesome
Thank you


  • Eros.6801Eros.6801 Member ✭✭✭

    There are 2 minor branches within PvE mode : Open World/Story and Raid/Fractal and builds can change very differently depend on which mode you are playing.

    • For OW/Story i usually use the Boon Berserker on meta battle, its pretty decent and durable build, the build use GS - Dagger/Warhorn but you can swap GS with LB.
    • Raid/Fractal just visit snowcrows.com because i've never used my ranger in there.

    MEH !!!

  • Oh, that's pretty good. I'd reccommend all zerker (/maurauder mix) stats with Smokescale and the Rock Gazelle.


    The build I tend to kitten with if not going condition.... Fun, not optimal, but functional.

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