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  1. I love this map because it has gothic theme vibe and i'm a big fan of Gothic style arts. But the map has 2 problems, first is it is a decent big map, but at the same time it feels caged, high walls, narrow paths, the exploring potential is there but most main roads, villageds are connected so just take a path and go from A to B isn't fun. The second problem is that the map expands vertically but most of the events, stuffs happening are on the ground level which make mid and upper level feels so empty. I climbed to the top level and was amazed how great the map is but at the same time feel sad
  2. Yes i have the same problem sometimes and there were time that i didn't even bother to login due to how overwhelmed i am with all the stuffs ahead, it felt chaotic, but this is what i usually do to get through it. - I pick a class that i know it could handle most situations well in my case it was Rev , gear it up with 2 specific builds, one for solo because most of the time while doing all that stuffs you will be alone mostly and the other for group content, i tend to go with support build rather than dps, this way i can actually be helpful in most group situations. - Pick up any mas
  3. It has been 9 years since i started my journey on gw2 and the very first thing i'm curious about was the big wall in Caledon Forest, LA, Kessex Hill. There is also a small conversation at Arborstone about a tengu wants to visit his long lost cousins in Dominion of Winds so i firmly believe we will get there and cure my curiosity. That said, with the dragon cycle and Soo-Won end, there is still a small connection between the Largos and "Scions" so it wouldn't be strange if anet decide to touch on Largos community anytime soon. Dominion of Winds and Largos, either one of the two would
  4. Its a great tool for taking someone new through a tour, HP train, a few MP train if you are not a mesmer or don't have watchwork portal, surprise them here and there let them have fun shooting the cannons while i cry from the inside cuz i never get to shoot it myself, i don't even have access to the speedboost utility. The turtle is a complete trash when i'm alone but if i have a friend with me its really fun so its a plus to some extent.
  5. Ok this really sucks, i main rev and this is really annoying.
  6. Since not all armor dye channels work the same in term of saturation, material texture i can only suggest you the dyes based on the CJ-1 Command Sleeves, this also applies to most (not all due to a few has different saturation) metal, glowing looking armors as well as fit perfectly if using with Jade Tech Weapons. Metal parts (pick one of 4) : Gold Fusion, Matriarch Brass, Golden Sheen, Sarcophagus. Glowing parts (pick one of 4) : Nightmare, Growth, Underworld, Canopy. These are the go to dyes if i want to go Jade Tech theme.
  7. Hey all i just want to shout out that i encountered a group using this system last night when i was on engi doing story. The com was a nice guy, no demanding beside politely asking if there are any Alac/Quick within the group they are very welcome, Nicely gave out instructions which made alot of us in group, including me and my friends felt comfortable, everyone gladly helped out, absolute no yelling in an entire run. The map was 1hr and 20m til meta and few of us weren't able to get in but everyone on the map still keep a friendly enviroment kindly asked if there are anyone isn't doing the me
  8. HoT still hold the tittle but some Elites in EoD has very high attack/skill/Stun/Daze rate which make a few of them even more dangerous than HoT Champions in term of locking and bursting you down (i had alot of fun fighting those version of the guard than HoT champions) . You might have a difficult fight if you don't bring proper stunbreak/CC or being a glass cannon because the guard changes everytime someone killed them, you might encounter a few deadly one like i mentioned, the rest elite guards outside of those are just piece of cake.
  9. Well i'm nowhere close to 1/4 of all EoD achievements, keep heading back to PoF and LW for the fun, i've found no fun doing EoD currently beside exploring, i do admit EoD exploring potential is higher than any other zones of gw2 but that alone can't keep me engaging due to no challenge at all beside main metas, occasional champs pop up for no reason is like a downgrade version of bounty, no actual event leading up to beside Fort Aspenwood chain (i love this event alot so far) other than that nothing in particular. One more thing i've found challenging is the new Unchained Risen mob, i thought
  10. General : PoF > HoT > EoD Story : EoD > PoF > HoT HoT - I feel alive, events happen all around the map and slowly build up to the grand final and even tho its been 7 years ppl still doing it, the HPs are challenging and a way to test your personal limitation or helping others doing it, it feels engaging overall. PoF - I feel freedom, the map layout is vast with open fields giving me the joy to travel around, the metas are decent but fun along with many mini dynamic chain events leading to challenging foe. The bounty system is also a way to test your personal limitati
  11. I tried DE again today and this is what i experienced. I work as a chef from 7AM to 9PM, driving home take me an hour so 10PM i was able to hop on and play the game. Due to work circumstance i can't stay too long into the night for work in the morning so the best i could do is stacking as many DE map buff as i can, in the end i only managed to stack up to 6 b4 the meta tho there were many groups running DE at the same time i only made it into one due others being full. Idk if this happens often but because its been a week since my last DE i got called out personally by the commander
  12. It's good to see someone still remember and play Chaos Legion, it was my very first game. Yes as you said, the most fit in this is Renegade but meh, Sieg wearing mostly medium But the most fit imo would be Mechanist although its just one summon and you can also rename the mech. . With condi traited the mech hands turn into blades - Flawed . With full support traited the mech can pumps out a lot of barrier - Arrogance (this one is OP af in Chaos Legion, same here as well) . With full power you got Thanatos himself. . With range traited the mech hands turn into guns
  13. I'm at 3/5 Fishing Mastery and a step away from Fishing Party, my fishing power is at 260 currently and i spent 4 days irl to catch the Blue Dorado for Harbinger collection. I've heard folks said that with higher fishing power have better chance to catch unique fishs but none have confirmed this fact so far because my friend who is at 200 catch the fish for his Vindicator today and it only took him 4 hours. Also a guild mate of mine who is a fishing maniac and only fishing since EoD released still hasn't catch all the fish required for each classes as well. Since the RNG is so bizarre it
  14. To OP, i'm not here to cheer you up but i will share my experience so far and hope you will re think. I am too is a casual to the core, i never done any strike, frac nor raid. All i ever done and still do in 7 years of gw2 is OW/WvW and guess what i suck at WvW as well, never actually win a 1v1 fight but i'm fine with it because it's fun. Back to DE first week pre-nerf or fix, i was extremely lucky to get in a nice squad but everyone just tired after 12 hrs of failing and they attempted the last run, nobody really want to talk in chat and the map was silent beside commander giving di
  15. I said it before way back on HoT, PoF launch but i'll suggest it again. Please give us the option on character selection screen to switch between the newest EoD theme/music and old expansions like PoF/HoT as well as pre-HoT. Don't get me wrong, i like the new one a lot but also miss the old ones even more. This will be a small but a very nice touch to the game and nostalgic as well.
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