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[EU+UK] [Alph] Mature PvX guild

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[Alph] Alpharius

A mature membership guild.
Founded several months after launch, [Alph] seeks to re-grow its modest membership with like-minded players.

Brief Overview:
Game Modes: PvX, with primary focus on open world PvE. We generally do not raid.
Major membership countries: UK and EU.
Membership type: Mature (see below).
Peak activity: Evenings; plus weekends.
Guild language: English.
Discord available for voice comms on a voluntary basis.
Max Level Guild Hall with plenty of decoration, and custom race track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSbiu9K0Sgk).

Why join?:
Mature membership and no drama policy: This is our primary recruitment basis. All members are required to have and display a mature attitude and behaviour – to us, this does not correspond to an arbitrary age limit, and does not mean "overly stiff and uptight without a sense of humour."

However: we expect our members to treat each other with respect and kindness. Instead of making a long and restrictive list of do's and don't's, we'd just ask you to use common sense when talking, and please keep in mind we all play this game to relax from real life. We will not moderate your language when you fail that JP for the fifth time (been there, done that, we know the pain...) but insults at guildmates and hateful angry rants about real world issues have no place in our guild chat.

Our playerbase consists mostly of slightly older gamers ranging from 20's to 40's, and well beyond that. We come from a bunch of different countries, have different backgrounds, and sometimes playing time gets tight because of career or family responsibilities – therefore, fitting in with our philosophy is most important to us, since we'd rather spend our time actually playing the game than resolving drama. Don't be scared by this, we mostly don't bite!

No forced participation: You might be casual, or serious. You might play daily, or only once every so often. You might be a veteran, or relatively new. That’s fine with us. There won’t be any pressure to play more frequently than you are able. We always encourage you to join us for our planned events, but there's no judgement if you'd rather play alone for whichever reason.

No elitism: We are not going to force you to play a certain class, or a certain sub-build of a class, for any collective gaming we might run. We will never hold “trials” to see if you have the right amount of dps or stand in the right location for a particular dungeon, PvP, or to place some siege in WvW. You are welcome to ask for advice regarding your build or tactics, though, and we'll help you out in any way we can.

Contacts for recruitment / Guild Leadership:
Feel free to message or whisper any of us in-game for a guild invite if you feel our guild and philosophy is for you.

Primary Contact: jabberjabber.6804 (aka "Ald").
Other Leaders or Officers to Contact: Discarnate.6537 -- Shailyn Slay.7234 -- Tarps.9602 -- dragon.7860


  • hey could i get an invite please

  • Welcome on board Promith!
    We are still searching for new, mature members who share our outlook and philosophy. We are happy to be contacted in game!

  • Plenty of room still for more players to join the guild. Contact one of the leaders, or myself, in game if you are interested.

  • We remain open for new members who share our outlook.

  • Could I please also get an invite? :)

  • We are still taking on new members! Regardless of whether aspiring members are veterans or not, social fit with our membership is our primary concern.

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    Oh, look, it's another bump post with extraordinary verbosity to get beyond the 15 character limit!

    All jokes aside - we are still looking for new people who want to join our ranks and accompany us on guild missions, dungeons, other PvE activities, or simply watch me die in strike missions (I lied about the jokes.) Feel free to drop us a whisper or an ingame mail if we sound like something you want to be part of, or if there are any other questions that need answering.

  • Hi returning player iam portuguese and got more game time now log in almost every day but iam not too hardcore a litle casual i like to play and relax with ppl on the underworld server doing my stuff looking to a place to chill with ppl and have fun


  • Still looking to expand our numbers to have more people online at the same time, especially over the Festive Season when numbers can be a bit mixed!

  • If you've just got hold of the game over the holiday period and are looking for a guild to call home feel free to whisper one of us. We are open for new members, including those new to the game.

  • Im new to the game and looking for like minded people to play with. Can i get an invite please.

  • i would like to join.

  • Could I please get an invite as well? =)

  • Could I get an invite please? Playing with like minded people would cure my depression. :smiley:

  • Would love to join :)

  • HI. Your guild seem a good fit for me & I'd like to join.

  • jabberjabber.6804jabberjabber.6804 Member ✭✭
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    We remain open for new members. Give one of the leaders a message or whisper if you're interested. (Random PoF image because we like it!)

  • Just enough time to join our wide and varied guild for the launch of our 4th guild hall adventure (commences Friday 7th Feb 2020!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27v32QuGJMc
    Contact myself or another leader in game for a chat and invitation.

  • Hi jabberjabber.6804
    i have sent you a message in game

  • I just joined - thank you for the invite!

  • Very happy to hear from others in game if you think our guild would be a fit for you and you'd like an invitation.

  • Afternoon! Do you still have slots? Returning player, currently playing through Path of Fire after a break from the game of around 5 years or so. Have a little 9 month old so get on when I can. A relaxed friendly guild would be great to join. I'm from the UK.

  • We are once again taking on new members. Contact myself or one of the other listed leaders / officers in game for a chat and invitation if you are interested.

  • Hello there!
    This guild sounds exactly what I am looking for. I hope to see you in game soon.

  • Happy to take on board more people - veterans and newer players alike! Contacts up at the top.

  • Maybe you're an older player, or more mature, and looking to make some new friends online given the present global conditions? If so, speak to one of us in game - we'd love to hear from you.

  • Wouldn't mind an invite if the guild is still going

  • This sounds like my cup of tea! I've just sent a message in-game.

  • Nosey.5309Nosey.5309 Member
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    Hi , Total noob here , Can I have invitation Please ? or In-game message , Thanks

  • jabberjabber.6804jabberjabber.6804 Member ✭✭
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    We are open once again for new members to join us. Contact one of the leaders listed in the original message if you are interested in joining!

  • Hi, returning UK player looking for active guild :)

  • EnZa.9641EnZa.9641 Member

    I'd be interested in joining the guild, sounds like it is a good fit for an old fogey like me :)

  • Hey, you guys still going?

  • Hi there,
    Yes -- we are still here (we never left!). We simply have quieter summer months (Northern Hemisphere summer that is!).
    Happy to chat to any player in game if they think we would be a good fit for them.
    Best regards, -Ald

  • [Alph] is once again opening up recruitment for new members for a short period.
    Please contact myself or one of the other leaders listed above in game for an invitation if you share our outlook!