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[EU][PvE][Fractals and Raids][Semi-Hardcore]Neo Synergy

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Neo Synergy [NeoS] is looking for players that are highly motivated and eager to play Fractals and Raids.

About NeoS
NeoS is a guild that started Fractals CM and raids from December 2019 with both inexperienced and experienced players. NeoS now successfully clears all raid wings every week (schedule below - raids organized only during week-end). Most members have now 250kp+ in fractals CM and experience in all raid wings (> 50kp).

We are also going to add boss CM in our weekly run for the weekly achievement.

Please note - NeoS is not a training guild; the roster is currently under reconstruction.


  • Daily fractals
  • Raids on Friday evening (8:30pm to 11:30pm), Saturday and Sunday afternoon and/or evening (usually 3pm to 6-7pm / 8:30pm to 11:30pm GMT+2)
  • Players must register to raid sessions for smooth organization

What we are looking for:

  • Players who are already playing daily fractals T4 and CMs
  • Players who have good experience in all raid wings and boss (at least 300 LI + 50 KP on all boss)
  • Players who want to commit in a static roster
  • Players who are willing to improve their gameplay, learn new classes, adapt class/role to each encounter
  • Players who target 90% of dps benchmark (with a minimum of 85%)

Currently looking for :
1 Main Druid
1 Main Alacren (+ crene RR)

Why Semi-Hardcore?
We want to play in an optimized way, eager to learn new strategies, new classes, new builds and we're not afraid of spending time to train on the golem. Members' tight schedules (working life) don't allow us to organize long raiding sessions to train on a single boss, as we also want to guarantee a weekly full clear to our members. However, when the opportunity arises, we thrive on challenging ourselves, trying to break our records, or training (new strategies) on a boss (or cm) that we already cleared. We're looking for players with the same mindset. Some players will call it "casual"; some others will call it "hardcore"; we call it "semi-hardcore".

Few rules:

  • Be friendly, fair-play, open-minded and eager to learn – negative behavior or disrespect will not be tolerated
  • Representing the guild is not mandatory but appreciated
  • Discord (for raids and/or fractals) + headset
  • 20+ years old

Contact in-game: Ashyrra.2109 or Vong.3562


  • Still looking for members. Do not hesitate to pm in-game.

  • Still looking for members. We started to include 99/100CM to our dailies fractals. PM in-game if interested or send ig mail.

  • We are still looking for a few members. We began to run raid sessions, usually on week-ends.
    Please note that we only accept players who want to play fractals and raids.
    PM me in-game for more information.

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    We are looking for 1 player able to play chrono tank, druid or kiter during raids and that can play at least fractals T4 and optionally CM (no KP required).

    We usually play fractals every evening (start between 7-9 pm GMT+1) and run our raid sessions during Friday evening (start between 8:30-9 pm GMT+1); Saturday (3 pm and 8:30 pm GMT+1); Sunday (3 pm and 8:30 pm GMT+1).

    For the sake of clarity, we will keep the guild small to ensure that players can run several raid sessions each week.

    It is recommended to be able to participate in at least 1 or 2 raid sessions per week and run some fractals sessions every week.

    Send me an in-game message if you are interested to join us.

  • Edited. We may also consider recruiting druid players for raids.

  • Still looking for someone who can play either druid, chrono tank, or kiter during raids. Other classes may be accepted but note that we're looking for someone who could play at least DPS and/or another role.

    PM me in-game if interested.

  • We're still looking for few members that can play dps and/or a support role (e.g.: heal, tank, alacren ...)

    PM me in-game if interested!

  • Edited the first message.

    We are still looking for players who can already play T4 Fractals and who have some experience in raiding (see rules above).

    Some information:
    In total, we killed more than 100 raid bosses since we started raiding in December (cleared Wing1-4-7 / started to train Wing5).
    Players who started CM in December have now more than 100kp.

  • Still looking for one or two members at the moment.
    We welcome players that would like to greatly improve in fractals (CM+T4+recs) and able to play from 8:30pm (GMT+1) during weekdays.

  • We are looking for an experienced DPS player (in all wings) to join our static roster. Send me a pm in-game if you are interested.

    We have now successfully cleared all raid wings though we still struggle a little bit on Dhuum. When we will be comfortable on all bosses, we will start CM.

  • Hello, still looking for players?

  • send u an ingame PM

  • We are still looking for 1 experienced DPS player (or versatile player). Contact me in-game for more information (please send me also benchmark screenshots and/or battle reports).

    We successfully full cleared all wings last week. We will start soon raids CM.

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭

    We are still recruiting experienced players (either very good DPS or versatile). Contact me in-game for more information.

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭

    We are still recruiting. Contact me in-game for more information.

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭

    Up. Still looking for experienced players.

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭

    Still looking for experienced players who want to commit in a static roster. PM me in-game for more information.

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭

    Still looking for: 1 support-oriented player and 1 dps-oriented player.

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭

    Looking for 1 druid to join the static roster. Send me a pm in-game.

  • Opening registration again. New season, new players! Roster under reconstruction. PM me in-game for more information :)

  • Hello Ashyrra! you said me that i should write here. As i told you my english is not really good, but here i am doing my best gramar as possible.
    Recently i played with your guild as Druid, plus I readed in previous coment (July 11,2020) that the group need a Druid, that is perfect. I am really instrested to be a part of something that your guild is doing.
    I noticed too, that the group is doing fractals, recently i get the 1st tittle in that.(1/4) and i have some experience in CMs.
    I want to know about the Raid time. You said in squad something about FC Fraidays evening and saturday afternoon. Perfects days. I only need to know the hour to be ready, i have a big difference in time with Spain hour arround 5hs. (i am checking with GTM i run -3 hours of difference).

    Well, thanks for all i ll wait for an answer, in game or here.


  • @Orebes, actually not "write", just "read" ;)
    Anyway, I talk to you in-game!

  • mb :# see u in game

  • Still looking for dps players who can also handle few specific roles. PM me in-game for more information :)

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭
    edited October 8, 2020

    Recruitments open again. Please contact me in-game for more information (and only if you meet the requirements).

    Currently looking for :
    1 main druid + 1 main dps (including kiting qadim 1 + pylon qadim 2) + 1 alacren (+ crene RR)

  • Big boons big bump

  • Ashyrra.2109Ashyrra.2109 Member ✭✭
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    Still looking for:

    1 Main Druid
    1 Main Alacren (+ crene RR)

  • Big Boons Big Bump
    If you apply as alacren, please note that we will ask you to play Condi Renegade RR as well.