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Help! I need a non Artsy map of Tyria, or just the GW2 map.

Yo yo, I've searched and searched for a while now and I can't seem to find one. I am asking because I am trying to make a mod for a game called CK2. This and CK2 have shared my love and passion for many many years and there are many awesome mods for CK2 that put you into the world of different games and shows. I want to make one, with what little experience I have in anything, if not the a fully fledged mod but then just a map mod. And I need a map that is not all that artsy to base it off of. I have always wanted to do the things I couldn't as a player, like restore Ascalon or Orr to human control, spread the gift of undeath to all or take back the Centaur controlled human lands for Kryta. Or exactly the reverse of all those things. I am doing a lot of research into the world and I find myself more and more enraptured with it. So if not a total conversion mod, then a map mod. But I will strive for a whole Conversion.

So yeah, this may not be the best place to put this, but I did because if I do get to working on it full time then I will share it here. On this very thread, step by step. So I'm just asking for a lil bit of help in regards to map material so I can do the map for the mod.


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    O.K! I have taken much time and effort to blend Gw1 and the Gw2 map in a B&W colour scheme (It's important for what I am doing so no colour for you.) Take a look, man it hurts my head, I had to clip parts and add parts. Big Kek

    Discord again, since i made a server for myself. It's easier than Imgur. I do need a better map, but this will have to do for now. I am just gonna start off with this, and if I can edit it later down the line you can bet your left kitten cheek that I will. If I can't ah well, better live with it eh? Or make an new one and potentially get a brain tumor

  • As a massive fan of both games, I'm happy to see somebody working on this! Keep us updated!

  • How is it going, you still chipping away? You should set up a discord to try and establish some form of community to help out. I don't have all the time in the world but i'd be happy to help out a little. Conversion mods like that are really time consuming especially on your own!

  • ATTENTION ALL! I have been quiet for a bit of time now! A numerical number of days and months! -INSERT SHOCKED EMOJI HERE- And I shall tell you of my tale! (The why)
    I STOPPED! But then I started again... Then I stopped... Then I started... Then I was like "Let's ask the Guardians of Azeroth team"... So I did. They gave me a great number of tips. And I love them all... But I cannot speak russian so I went to the elder kings team... They gave me less tips. But they still helped out a bunch. So I started again... From scratch! Because the game kept CTDing... Which broke my heart... I figured the problem.. Kind of. I also went to the Lore MASTAH(S) of my guild... They got hella confused at the butt kitten ton of questions I had about the history of the world... Like how Orr changed the coast etc etc. How anyone in a relationship with a Sylvari are Pdo's... You know, the normal stuff. Then I realsied something... The World is much more mountainous than I like so I yeeted some mountains in my original draft of the map... Kind of? They're now hills... Apart from a couple of mountains I liked. Then I rememberd that there are a ton of rivers and there is even a pirate cove in Gendaran fields. So there must be a river leading to the northern sea... So I had to re-evaluate the map again... Then I remembered there is a load of stuff.......... You get the idea. At this point I get this feeling at the pit of my stomach whenever I go for a job interview but its when I do my mod. But it's not a bad thing! I am working away... ALONE! *Points daggers at the lazy people who offered to help code and stuff But you know what made me come back so many times? The game lore, my guild, my love of the game... Your love of the game!

    SO! If you're even paying attention anymore I shall now tell you the name of the project! Keep it in your mind from now on! But first I have a legit request! Give me art! Give me art for flags, give me whole packages of the games items. (Not them rendered but the portraits in the inv) give me screenshots of the little different bits and pieces of the world... I am but one man! One man who dreams of Ascalon! Who wishes for the Shores of Orr, the legends of the Norn and the secrets of the Maguuma! Who wishes for the resurgence of Elonia and the conquest of the of Charr! A bit Dramatic eh? Well get ready, the project from now on will be called:

    The World of our dreams

    A bit edgy I know but it's actually based off of a conversation I had with my guild master... What if we, the playerbase of this game, went into the lands of Tyria as our characters! (Not as they are but as they were starting out.) And that is what this mod is, albeit with less meta (Or maybe not? Who knows there may be an event for it Wink). Because we who love the game and world have all dreamt of this, being in the lands of Tyria... An Apt name indeed. Because we dream of it.

    THANKS! I'll keep you posted with weekly updates! And I'll even make a discord so you can pin me. But that will be NEXT WEEK! See you in the world of our dreams.
    Signed: Acturian Vi Gent 'The dreamer'

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    Also for the sake of getting the word out. I'm making a new thread. It'll be named after the Project name.