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4th Utility Skill?

I’m sure others have talked about this before, but I’m wondering what other Revenants are currently thinking about with regards to this idea. Revenants are the only class that is locked into a set of 3 utility skills. If a 4th skill could be added to each legend, opening the room for more build versatility, what would you like to see?

Some of my thoughts (imagine for perfect numbers):

Shiro - Dark Apostasy
Your critical hits remove boons. If there are no boons, then the target is tormented.

Mallyx - Words of Madness
Target for is dazed, tormented, and slowed. Stun instead of daze if target foe is using a skill.

Jalis - Great Dwarf’s Weapon
Your weapon attacks have a chance to knock down.

Ventari - Ronan’s Harrow
Drag the tablet across the ground creating a line that slows and cripples foes and gives quickness and swiftness to allies.

Glint - Move Facet of Nature to utility slot. Grant Ancient Echo to Heralds.

Kalla - No change due to her Citadel Orders.

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