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New WVW broken things

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edited January 15, 2020 in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Thank you for finally moving the wall back at smc so that red keep can not treb it.

You can still hit red keep from smc.
You can use a mount to jump from the northeast outer corner straight on to the outer wall.
Mendons tower has a broken wall all the time that can't be repaired. Might as well rename it Mendons camp.

Can we please get these fixed this week, and not "never"?

While you are looking at wvw, can you please, please fix the trait for oil? You can still be knocked off it when traited. It's been reported for years, still nothing.

Edit: I forgot the cannons. Please put the north wall cannons for smc, ON the wall. Right now they are just floating in the air, 10 feet off the ground and 20 feet north of the wall, so can't be used.

Lost in the Maguuma (TC)
For the geographically challenged, yes, Tarnished Coast is located IN the Maguuma Jungle.