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  1. Since every change to the game is in support of boon-blobs taking everything with little to 0 resistance, I can't imagine it will actually matter at all. Probably make it easier for comps to farm bags of pugs trying to take SMC, but useless for the rest of the game mode.
  2. Heaven forbid some solo roamer successfully disable the boonballs ktrain siege for a few seconds. That said, anything that slows down the door-fighting ktrain is bad, so I can see Anet adding this.
  3. I've tried this relic in both pve and wvw, on 4 different classes, including willbender (which seems to be one of the big offenders). I can't get it to hit any single target more than the 3 times it says, where some people keep saying all of the "hits 5 targets 3 times" will land all 15 on a single target. And even in full berserker, can't get it to hit for more than 6k. Even on groups of 3-5, it seems to hit each person 1 or 2 times, and never for 20k, almost never for 10k. /shrug
  4. I don't think this is such a good idea. But, I do find it funny that regardless of the mechanists personal stats, the mech lives through almost anything and the ranger pet will die almost instantly regardless of what pet or stats the ranger chooses, even if you choose "avoid combat". I guess they really want us to play soulbeast.
  5. This isn't Archeage, we don't need or want a system that just breaks weapons because people want to upgrade them.
  6. Those are actually features. The two problems with WR is that it does nothing to address off-hours ktrains and stacking. The other two problems are boons and boon sharing. I won't even go into the other two problems of downstate or class balance. I think I'm getting off-topic.
  7. Laughs in "server who has at least 15 people auto-running into walls for upwards of 24 hours a day without moving and never get auto-kicked".
  8. Well, there's always Pokemon GO. It is going to get warm outside soon.
  9. It's not. As recent as last night, sat through a 40 que only to get the bug and stuck back at the end of the line (38 this time)...only to again get the bug and wait through another 40. It finally let me in on the third attempt.
  10. Would be useless as a tactic though, since everyone uses alts to spy and troll already.
  11. Yes, signed 50 times. But, since Anet wants perma-every boon and guilds being immune to pugs, this will never happen.
  12. Tournaments will never happen again. Cheating is fairly rampant now, but it was glaringly obvious during the tournament, and it showcased pretty well that anet didn't, and still doesn't, do anything about it. It's kind of why we will never see orbs inside keeps again. Nothing says "we don't run any anti-cheat software" like guys flying over keep walls to grab the orbs.
  13. So a gem store item that changes the default model...interesting. Pretty good idea tbh.
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